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Shane Dawson Makeup Conspiracy Videos in the works

Shane’s Makeup Conspiracy Series?!

Now, we’re not sure if it would be a series or not but recently the YouTuber shared something interesting. In one of his Instagram stories, he answered a question from a fan:

Shane Dawson Makeup Conspiracy

The king of YouTube has finally spoken! There are going to be conspiracy videos coming from Shane Dawson soon on his channel. It may be on his Shane Glossin channel because it’s make-up themed.

Shane Dawson’s Famous Conspiracy Videos

However, Shane Dawson’s conspiracy videos usually take on a unique angle. Fans love his conspiracy videos because the theories he chooses to put in the videos are compelling.

Makeup Conspiracy | what they could be about

Shane’s makeup conspiracy videos could be about anything. It might take a deeper look into the business side of things as we saw in his Jeffree Star series. We saw that Jeffree Star Cosmetics’ product was stolen before the launch. Perhaps Shane would explore how anyone can steal such an important product despite a lot of security.

There’s also something else that Shane could do, something that has been recently trending: NikkieTutorials.

Will NikkieTutorials be in Shane Dawson’s Makeup Conspiracy Video?

Her coming out video was nothing short of perfection, emotional and vulnerable. Unfortunately, the circumstances surrounding her coming out video were sad. In it, NikkieTutorials reveals that she was actually blackmailed into coming out as transgender. Someone in the beauty and makeup community found out her identity. They threatened to leak it to the press.

People suspect that it’s an ex-Too Faced employee. Too Faced and NikkieTutorials history goes way back. Nikkie’s first-ever makeup product was a collab with Too Faced. The makeup company manipulated her into an awful business deal. Her makeup products went on to sell millions of dollars but NikkieTutorials only received a flat fee of $50k initially. ‘The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star’ series highlighted this as well. Jeffree Star put the company on blast for its unfair treatment of new makeup artists.

We’re sincerely hoping that Shane Dawson’s mysterious new makeup conspiracy video will feature NikkieTutorial’s whole story and her drama with Too Faced.