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Alex Warren Opens Up about losing mom to addiction

Alex Warren Opens Up About Losing Mom to Addiction

Hype House’s Alex Warren shares some tragic news about his personal life today. Warren revealed that his mother has passed away from liver and renal failure. It happened after she struggled with alcohol addiction, something that got worse ever since his father had died.

Alex Warren opens up about the sad reality of having an alcoholic mom

The YouTuber and TikTok star shared that he is devastated at her loss because he had always hoped she would get better. She had started to rely on alcohol when she couldn’t handle the loneliness that came from losing her husband:

“My mom fought addiction her whole life. Especially when my dad passed away. And she was admitted to the hospital with renal failure and liver failure and it was irreversible. They told us there was nothing they could do. And that they could just make her comfortable.”

Warren shared that he didn’t know how to feel when he first heard of his mother’s death:

“At first I didn’t know how to take it. I did not have the best relationship with my mom. I was her surrogate on who to pick on and blame for her alcohol abuse. And we just never saw eye-to-eye. She’s still my mom though”.

Later on, Alex Warren explained that he had a hope that one day his mother would get better. Especially after losing his father, he was really holding on to that fantasy. Things started to look better when she started to go to AA meetings to try to recover from her alcohol addiction.

Thus, it really hurt him when she passed away because now she’s gone. What hurt Warren the most was that he knew that his mother was the most “caring, compassionate, kind” soul but when she got drunk, she changed into a different person. And due to that, Alex and his mother would often argue a lot. Warren knew his mother was not a bad person, it’s just that she made a lot of mistakes.

So, he would remember the good parts of her and try to hold on to that.

Moreover, he offered to be there for anyone else going through a similar situation

Alex Warren said that he feels guilty for not being his usual happy cheerful self and that he can not upload two videos this week as he had promised. The YouTuber also added that making these videos and having an online community with his fans is what saved him and what he cherishes deeply. He hopes that the videos can be a source of happiness for his fans too. Alex Warren even said that he considers his fanbase as his family. Hence, he was sad to upload this video because he thought that he was letting his fans down. But despite that, he did want to let his fans in on what was happening in his personal life.

But he did mention that he is lending his ear to anyone who wants to talk about losing parents, especially to addiction. Warren shared that his DMs are open to all his fans and anyone who wants to talk about a tough moment in their life.

“Just know that you’re not alone. For the longest time I felt alone until I started making these videos. And when I would make these videos, it would get my mind off of everything real. Every time I felt alone, I would make a YouTube video. And it helps me. Knowing that you guys cared, knowing that someone cared. I wanna do that back for you.”

Warren shared that he had amazing friends that he can rely on during this time as well as his caring fans. He will take a week off to process everything and then return.