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Kenna Updates About Unexpected Lab Results Of Jaclyn Hill Lipsticks

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The professional biochemist named Kenna exposed Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics, specifically her lipsticks few weeks back. It was part-1 of a two-part video where the first video contained physical impressions of the lipsticks. She ordered 2 lipsticks and one of them was physically contaminated. Therefore, she sent her Jaclyn Hill lipsticks as well as few other lipsticks for microbial testing. The second part was supposed to cover Lab Results and guess what, results are out.

Jaclyn Hill Lipsticks | Lab Samples

Kenna sent four different samples for lab tests. Each of the sample contained multiple lipsticks to make up the required sample size. The lab required samples of 10 grams minimum for full microbial testing on the samples. Kenna bought more lipsticks to complete lab requirements. One sample was based on 3 lipsticks from Too Faced Cosmetics, with similar oil-based and water-based formula. Second sample had Claire’s lipsticks. Claire lipsticks do not share the same formula. However, it is a drugstore brand with affordable rates. The other two samples were Jaclyn Hill Lipsticks; one with opened lipsticks while other with packed lipsticks straight from Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics.

The tests involved plate count, yeast and mold, and specific pathogens. While methods used were US Pharmacopeia 61 and 62.

Kenna Explains Unexpected Results

After the first part, people were expecting “lipsticks are contaminated and unsafe for human health”. However, results were very much unexpected. The tests costed Kenna C$406.80. Surprisingly, all four of the lipstick samples cleared the microbial tests. Yes, that means Jaclyn Hill Lipsticks are save for use if you are only worried about the microbes. But her lipsticks are very much physically contaminated and that cannot be ignored.

Jaclyn is currently MIA as she deactivated her Twitter and Instagram handles. Her website is also showing the message “we will be back soon”. People are assuming Marlena Stell video is the main cause which led to Jaclyn Hill taking a break from everything. We hope she is back soon and accepts whatever the truth is.

The results can be accessed here.

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