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Being Blackmailed, NikkieTutorials Comes Out As Transgender

Fans stan their queen!

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NikkieTutorials is a globally famous YouTube and Makeup artist. She is a queen of many hearts who has collaborated with all the beauty icons you could think of. While she has 13.2 Million followers on her Instagram and 12.7 Million followers on her YouTube channel, there were still some people who were trying to blackmail her. They knew her true identity and apparently, they just could not digest her fame and growing fandom. Therefore, Nikkie de Jager presented her blackmailers with a big “F*** You” by speaking her truth and coming out as Transgender publicly.

NikkieTutorials Is A Transgender

This beautiful person is not just pure from outside, she is perfect from inside as well. Nikkie is focused on supporting all of the people going through their transitioning phase as well as people who have already transitioned. She is the new Transgender Activist of 2020 and we love it.

I’ve always wanted to share with you one day, but under my own circumstances. And it looks like that chance has been taken away from me.

Nikkie de Jager is taking back her own power and showing her haters that they have no right to blackmail or mentally torture someone like that. She has always wanted to be her own person instead of being labeled. She wanted to be a human being without any rules and restrictions. NikkieTutorials wants to start off 2020 by revealing the true self that makes her the true Nikkie. Even though she was blackmailed, however; she feels free to finally come out as transgender.

If we are gonna put a label to it, then yes, I’m a transgender. But at the end of the day I’m me.

Nikkie de Jager As A Kid

Nikkie confirms she transitioned 11 years ago. She was born as a male, but she has always felt like she was born in the wrong body. She felt trapped inside a body, as she has always wanted to dress like girls. Even her mother had a feeling during her pregnancy that she was going to have a baby girl. Little did she know that her son will transition into a beautiful soul in his youth.

Ever since I was born, I always thought that I was a girl.

Even as a boy, she used to play with barbie dolls, nail polishes and fake hair. Due to this, her mother immediately knew that Nikkie will either be gay or it’ll be a different kind of story. Nikkie’s mother has always been there for her and she is her biggest support system. Nikkie grew her hair out when she was 6 and she started wearing girly dresses when she was 7.

NikkieTutorials has faced many issues in communicating with people when she was growing up. It was hard for her to describe her identity to people. Nikkie disclosed her transition to her close friends and she closed the topic off as the hard part of her life was over. However, she says it cannot be closed off for good. And she is embracing that now for all the people by truly being herself.

When She Transitioned

NikkieTutorials confirms she transitioned by the time she was 14.

I got my hormones because I’m a tall bitch. And I kept on growing and they were like let’s tone that down.

Nikkie got growth stoppers to control her height. Otherwise, she was going to be way taller than she is now. She received hormones to help her transition phase. By the time she was 19, she fully transitioned while on YouTube. Nikkie de Jager really transitioned in front of all her viewers, but they did not know what was happening. She even shared how she came out and revealed her true identity to her fiance Dylan, and he fully supports her. However, she wished she should have told him sooner.

She never discussed her being a transgender because she wanted her channel to be about makeup and the art she loves. Nikkie did not want to be judged. However, no more secrets now.

NikkieTutorials Addressing Blackmailers

“We live in a world where other people hate on people.” Nikkie de Jager, globally known as NikkieTutorials, wanted to come out on her own grounds. However, some people have blackmailed her. They wanted to leak her story to the press. Nikkie got scared at first because that really is frightening.

There are people out there that are so evil that they cannot respect someone’s true identity. It is vile and it is gross.

Nikkie knew her blackmailers would be watching her video. They wanted to leak her truth because they claimed she was lying to people. The blackmailers even thought Nikkie de Jager is scared for people to know she is a transgender. However, she is not scared. Addressing those blackmailers, Nikkie flipped the bird and said:

This one is for you. I hope you can sit nice on it.

At the end of the day, NikkieTutorials, Nikkie de Jager, is free and she can finally be herself. Her love for makeup has always been real and she has not changed.

Her first video as YouTube was released by her on June 29, 2008. And she has really come a long way. We stan a queen and we are proud of Nikkie. So is James Charles and other popular YouTubers in the beauty community.

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