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Tati Westbrook Still Loves James Charles & Only Wants Him to Heal

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By now, if you’re familiar with the beauty community of Youtube, you would have heard about the Tati Westbrook and James Charles scandal that occurred this week. It all started when Tati made a 43 minute video elaborating on how Charles betrayed her. But, she also shed a light on James Charles’ questionable behavior which Jeffree Star and many fans would call ‘predatory’. Now, Westbrook has a follow-up video where she urges everyone to let James Charles heal.

What Went Down With The Two

Okay, a quick recap. Tati Westbrook and James Charles have been close friends ever since the latter helped kick start his YouTube career. She helped him in the early years when it comes to managing and how the YouTube community works. As time went by, things went awry between the two. In her 43 minute video, entitled ‘Bye Sister’, she talked about how Charles promoted the supplement company Sugar Bear Hair Care. That company is a direct competitor of Tati’s company: Halo Beauty. Despite, the 19-year-old YouTuber clarifying things and apologizing for his actions, the audience is still spewing hateful comments towards him.

That may be more due to the fact that Tati Westbrook talked about how he uses his power and fame to manipulate straight men into engaging in sexual activities with him. Whenever they would refuse, he would emotionally manipulate them even further. After Tati talked about this, many straight men, few of whom are notable YouTubers, shared their stories of uncomfortable encounters with James Charles himself.

Extreme Response For All Sides

Tati’s video managed to have such a huge impact that James Charles lost millions of subscribers on YouTube and followers on Instagram, including notable celebrities. All the while, Westbrook gained more subscribers and much more fame than she had anticipated. A lot of mainstream news organizations such as The Independent and even Vanity Fair are covering this story.

Since, Charles was painted as someone who isn’t exactly loyal and someone who exploits his fame to seduce heterosexual and sexually confused men, the audience wasn’t easy on him. Without even wanting to, Westbrook led the internet into choosing sides and ‘cancelling’ James.

Majority seem to be on Tati’s side

Some are still supporting James Charles

Some Just Support Tati’s Efforts To Help James

Tati Doesn’t Want To Spread Hate

It seems like the response Tati got from the audience was in extremes.  The toxic “cancel” culture of the Internet spread like wildfire with people. Supporters of both Tati and James were bullying the other’s side. This obviously led to Tati having to re-evaluate what had happened.

In an 18-minute follow-up video, she highlighted the fact that she doesn’t hate James Charles. She still loves him and wants to support him. The reason for her making the video was trying to reach him and tell him that he needs to check what his behavior has been like in the recent months. Since, he was not being as receptive to her guidance privately as she had hoped, Tati Westbrook thought this was the only way to make James Charles realize what needs to be done.

In her latest video, she has kept reiterating that she didn’t want anyone to take sides nor incite hatred towards anymore. She even mentioned the fact that she didn’t want to do get any fame from it either; she just wanted to help someone she still loves. In fact, she wants James to heal and evolve.

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