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Our aim is to give you news about trending issues in the world today with an emphasis in the Entertainment Industry. The focus is on quality and authenticity.

Our opinions strive to give you a unique insight into the world while staying objective.

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Our Team

We want to inform you about entertainment with quality and taste. The news we cover are aimed to fulfill your needs to know on what’s happening in the world of the entertainment industry.

Insa S.

Full Name: Insa Sohail
I'm a 20-year-old aspiring journalist. An…

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Fahad Hussain

A reporter and writer covering the entertainment industry and its…

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Nashmia Adnan

Executive EditorI strive to give you knowledge about the…

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Anam Z.

Just a millennial writing about popular culture.

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Mariam R.

Full Name: Mariam Rauf
Future psychologist sitting at the back…

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Khadija N.

Full Name: Khadija Niazi
Ted-Ex Speaker and enthusiast of media…

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Hamda S.

Full Name: Hamda Shafiq
Hola amigos! I usually have a lot of…

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Menahil Shahid

Full Name: Menahil Shahid
A corpse in the making, I like to live…

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Salman Tuasene

Your average teenager trying to find his way through life while…

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