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Our aim is to give you news about trending issues in the world today with an emphasis in the Entertainment Industry. The focus is on quality and authenticity.

Our opinions strive to give you a unique insight into the world while staying objective.

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Our Team

We want to inform you about entertainment with quality and taste. The news we cover are aimed to fulfill your needs to know on what’s happening in the world of the entertainment industry.

Ali Arslan Ahmed

Ali Arslan Ahmad started off his professional life as a Civil…

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    Nashmia Adnan


    Nashmia Adnan strives to give you news about…

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    Momina Wijdan

    Operations Manager & Managing Editor.

    Momina Wijdan…

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    Talha Waseem

    Senior Contributing Writer.

    Talha has written for a number of…

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    Fareya Noor

    Fareya Noor is currently an undergraduate student who takes up…

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      Farzah Mirza

      A lawyer by day and an entertainment content writer by night.…

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        Mehak Zahra

        In her mid-thirties, Mehak decided to hit reset on her life and…

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          Usman Khalid

          Senior Writer & Social Media Marketer.

          M. Usman Khalid is…

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          Noor Usman Rafi

          Senior Writer.

          Born with a passion & flair for words,…

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          Haniya Abbas

          A former teacher pursuing a career in journalism to write about…

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            Farah Farooq

            Contributing Writer.

            Farah Farooq aspires to be become one of…

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            Fatima Khalid

            The same story as any other writer.
            Was a reader since…

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            Nouman Aqil

            Nouman Aqil is a full-time student, part-time content writer, and…

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              Ali Siddique

              With the social media getting bigger with every passing day, so…

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                Aamnah Jawad

                Aamnah is an author that specializes in uncovering the inside…

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                Anam Mahmood

                From R&B and hip-hop to mellow jazz tunes and classics, Anam…

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                Abdullah Javed

                Abdullah likes to stay informed about all the recent happenings…

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                  Mariam Rauf

                  Mariam is a future psychologist sitting at the back of the class…

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                  Khadija Niazi

                  Ted-Ex Speaker and enthusiast of media studies, Khadija loves…

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                  Menahil Shahid

                  A corpse in the making, I like to live in a self-made grave of…

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                  Areesha Khan

                  Areesha likes to stay on top of everything happening in pop…

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                  Fatima Ahmed

                  Fatima is an undergraduate student at the Lahore School of…

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                  Ariba Khan

                  A blogger that is passionate about music, celebrities and…

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                  Dankanator Staff

                  We are a team that are obsessed with pop-culture and have great…

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                  Salman Tuasene

                  Your average teenager trying to find his way through life while…

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