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Netflix Confirms Bonding Season 2 With Teaser & Release Date

Mistress May is finally out of Netflix’s bag. She is done hiding and she is returning to the streaming network soon, with Bonding Season 2. Honestly, we have no idea what took so long for the creators and Netflix to arrive at this decision. Whoever watched Bonding, loved it. Okay, let us rephrase, whoever (with a good sense of humor) watched Bonding, loved it. Even though the BDSM community was not really happy with the portrayal of Dominatrix, Submissive people and everything BDSM-y that goes down between them. However, the show was made for fun and laughs. And we should totally focus on that only. (We’ll let the critics be the judge of the theme.)

Bonding Season 2 Announcement

Netflix Bonding official Twitter and Instagram handles dropped the bomb a few hours ago, and it is not really getting the hype this show deserves. Probably because of the delay. Of course, it’s the delay. Everyone must have forgotten Bonding renewal was still hanging by the thread.

The first teased with this —>

And with a gap of a few hours, this was posted —>

Zoe Levin and Brendan Scannell’s reactions are actually all of us at the moment. Bonding Season 1 dropped on April 24, 2019. And we are getting the renewal confirmation on January 17, 2020.

I mean, QUEERTY demanded the second season right after watching the first one, on the day of its release.

We are thankful for Bonding Creator, Rightor Doyle, for sharing these teasers with us. Bonding Season 2 is going to be fun.

Cast, Plot & Release Date

While Bonding Season 2 release date is not confirmed yet, it drops in 2020. That’s all we need at the moment. The lead cast returns in their roles with Zoe Levin as Mistress May-slash-Tiff and Brendan Scannell as Pete.

There will be some more BDSM, of course. Bonding Season 2 plot will be as interesting as Season 1. There will be returning cast members as well but those are not confirmed yet. However, the confirmed cast includes Micah Stock and Theo Stockman. Like Bonding Season 1, Bonding season 2 also has 8 episodes. As reported by Deadline, Doyle has this to say about the upcoming season:

We are also thrilled to be working with the BDSM community to make this season even richer and more exciting than ever before. Thank you to Netflix and you, our viewers all over the world, for getting all tied up in our show.

Well, we are glad to see Brendan Scannell and Zoe Levin are as excited as we are on the news.

Get ready for more bonding.