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Will the Dolan Twins Rejoin the Sister Squad

Will the Dolan Twins Rejoin the Sister Squad?!

Ever since news got out that Emma Chamberlain and James Charles have rekindled their friendship fans have wanted to know the status of the Sister Squad. And the only wait is for YouTube’s Dolan Twins to give their stance on whether they join the Sister Squad or not. However, the silence by both Ethan and Grayson is kind of unnerving. The boys, from their social media content, do not seem to be heading in that direction as of yet. More so, there is the silence by the other two of the group that makes us feel no good coming.

The Dolan Twins never had any bad blood with the other Sister Squad members.

While we do not know the whole story behind the break up of the sister squad, the Dolan Twins clarified their position a few months ago. They explained that their friendships cannot be defined by their Instagram following list. They also added that talking about the group’s break up with them all present would be unfair. The twins have made their own groups and seem to be quite happy doing their own thing.

We do speculate that the reason behind Emma Chamberlain’s disregard for the twins and their mention of Ethan being in a relationship with someone might have something to do with the story. Because the squad supposedly only broke with James Charles out after his Tati Westbrooke drama in 2019. And the drift of Emma and the guys does not make much sense. However, we cannot really jump to conclusions here as it would mean Emma and Ethan actually had something. However, after the short clip in which Chamberlain stays silent on the Dolan Twins matter, we can only wait to see how or if the Sister Squad Reunion really happens.