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Why Did Netflix Cancel Altered Carbon?

After two seasons, Netflix has finally pulled the plug on Altered Carbon. But why did the streaming giant cancel the show?

Not a day goes by when you don’t hear that Netflix canceled one of their original shows. The last one to get the ax was Altered Carbon, which the streaming giants canceled on August 26th, 2020.

Why did Netflix cancel Altered Carbon?

Even though the first season is really good, Altered Carbon was never able to amass a massive. That is unlike Sense 8, which developed a very passionate fanbase over the years. Fans were screaming down Netflix’s ears to bring the show back, which is why they released a final two-hour-long episode instead of a whole season. But, that was nowhere near the case for Altered Carbon. In fact, Netflix barely approved the show for a second season, that too with a more modest budget than the first season. That’s why the second season had compromised CGI, fewer episodes, weird sets, and a very uninteresting plot.

The budget and the effort that went into the first season of the show indicate that Netflix really wanted it to be their Game of Thrones. However, it never amassed a dedicated fan base to justify the expenses the streaming giant made on it. Moreover, the studios at Netflix now prefer to make hundreds upon hundreds of shows and movies each year. That means that each show has to compete to justify the expenses being made on it. That also put Altered Carbon at a disadvantage. Therefore, it’s no wonder that Netflix canceled Altered Carbon. It was coming. But, did you know that the show also had an anime-themed film? If you didn’t know, then check it out!