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James Charles responds to Tati Westbrook and Shane Dawson Drama

Well, sort of.

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Well, amidst the drama of the beauty community erupting, there is some update. After Tati Westbrook posted a video talking about how Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star manipulated her against James Charles last year, she also mentioned how she and James had made up. Neither Shane nor Jeffree is addressing this drama directly. Only Shane came online on Instagram Live and reacted to Tati’s video for a few minutes. James Charles is focusing on other things such as the launch of his new Sister Apparel. But, it seems like he indirectly made a response to the drama that is going on. Since it does directly involve him, no one is surprised.

Here’s what James Charles had to say

James Charles posts a video every week but he didn’t post one this week. This was right after the beauty community was up in flames with different dramas. He tweeted this on Friday:

James Charles Tweet sending love

James is thanking his fans for sending him support during a clearly difficult time. He also shared that all the support is being especially useful to him now. Although he is posting some other updates about his life on Instagram Stories and Snapchat, it seems like he’s still not ready to address everything on his YouTube channel.

Many are waiting to see what he has to say about Tati Westbrook, Shane Dawson, and Jeffree Star. He did know about Tati posting this video as Tati shared they discussed this together. In fact, James even wanted to be in this video that Tati Westbrook uploaded. So, James Charles probably wanted to address this eventually.

Will James address the rumor that he took advantage of someone?

Blaire White, a former friend of Shane Dawson, exposed Jeffree Star’s manipulations in the YouTube community before Tati Westbrook did. White shared that Star apparently has evidence where a victim of James Charles is talking about how they were abused by James. In her video, she said that Jeffree was using this information for the wrong purposes. He was not being responsible or taking it to the authorities but instead using it for his own reasons.

Many of the drama channels in the YouTube community addressed this and they emphasized the fact that this proof of James Charles victim is all alleged and there’s no way to verify it. James Charles fans are standing by him and waiting for more information on the matter before they jump to conclusions.

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