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Swifties Were Upset At Taylor Swift For Forgetting 'evermore' Album Anniversary

Swifties Were Upset At Taylor Swift For Forgetting ‘evermore’ Album Anniversary

Taylor Swift surprised the world when she released not one but two albums last year: ‘folklore’ and ‘evermore’. Her fans couldn’t have been happier about the news and love both the successful albums equally. However, it seems that Swift herself may not share the same level of love for them both. It all started when she ignored the one year anniversary of ‘evermore’ on social media.

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Last year, on December 11, Taylor Swift put out her 9th studio album, evermore. And yes, it was a surprise! It has similar themes to ‘folklore’ and many consider it to be sister albums.

Unfortunately, evermore and folklore were released very close to each other and many think that Swift ends up ignoring evermore because of that.

Swifties even went on to say that Taylor Swift might actually hate ‘evermore’!

One fan wrote on Reddit:

“… It’s obvious she paid and pays more attention to Folklore than Evermore, cause Folklore is more successful out of the two”

Many of Taylor Swift fans are great at humor. And during this unfortunate time where she ignored evermore’s one year anniversary, they took to social media to laugh at their pain:

“I really love how Taylor does things differently than others. For example, I sleep on a bed while she sleeps on evermore. I wish she would acknowledge it more”

One fan was genuinely upset that Taylor seems to not love her evermore album as much as fans did:

“It makes me sad that Taylor herself doesn’t seem to care too much for it, even though I think it contains some of the very best songs of her career.”

Many fans were even more devastated at Taylor Swift for ignoring evermore’s birthday because her music producer on the album, Aaron Dessner did acknowledge it:

Fans joked that Aaron Dessner is the only “attentive parent” when it comes to evermore, considering that Taylor Swift still forgot to acknowledge the anniversary.

Here were the most hilarious reactions by Swifties

Many used funny memes about how ‘evermore’ would be sad at not getting remembered by its own creator:

One Swiftie cleverly used the lyric of her popular song ‘All Too Well’

The original lyrics were ‘It’s supposed to be fun turning 21″.

Another fan noticed how a popular and verified Taylor Swift fan-page on Twitter ‘Taylor Nation’ also gave more recognition to ‘folklore’ compared to ‘evermore’:

The joke about evermore being a sentient entity that is sad about not getting a wish from its mom was the best:

Here was an ‘evermore bot’ sharing sad lyrics on Twitter as well:

Also using a still from ‘All Too Well’, a short movie by Taylor Swift herself:

Some were hopeful that Taylor Swift might be intentionally ignoring evermore’s anniversary because she’s going to announce something special:

For those of you who don’t know, Jake Gyllenhaal didn’t come on Taylor Swift’s 21st birthday. Something mentioned in her ten-minute beautiful song ‘All Too Well’.

All in all, evermore is pretty successful, with or without the love from its mother:

And hey, she did celebrate the Grammy nomination of ‘evermore’:

Elsewhere, Taylor Swift herself turned 32 and celebrated the birthday with Alana Haim. Swift’s birthday is on 13th December, while Haim’s birthday is on 15th December.

Taylor Swift did a play of her lyrics from ’22’,

“I don’t know about you but I’m feeling 22”

Let’s see if Taylor Swift acknowledges the pain of her fans. She did mention in an interview that she does read what her fans are talking about on social media and is attentive to what they ask for.

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