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Kehlani Reveals She’s In More Mature & Happy Space With Release of New Album

American singer and songwriter, Kehlani has released a brand new album named ‘Blue Water Road’. This is her third studio album. Previously, Kehlani recorded songs for her recent album called ‘Good Until It Wasn’t’. However, she did not consider some of the songs a good fit for the previous album which is why she shifted them to ‘Blue Water Road’. In September 2021, ‘Get Me’ star released the teaser for her new album. On April 28th she released the full album. She released three singles from this album to tease her project. The fresh-made song has an artistic sound and the ever-flowing gracious touch of Kehlani’s voice. The names of the singles are Altar, Little Story, and Up At Night ft. Justin Bieber.

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Kehlani on receiving peace with the new album

Kehlani believes that her third studio project ‘Blue Water Road’ transformed her and has given her a positive change. She revealed all of her albums reflect something that centers on her personal life and emotional state. Additionally, she writes her songs by herself which is why the artistry flows within them. She told NME:

I was definitely stuck in this toxic, very dark, hypersexual pocket of songwriting, which was cool for the time that I was in…That’s really where I was at, but I think my music is always going to be deeply affected by whatever mindset change I’m going through.

‘Get Me’ star admitted she is following her heart and not people’s opinions

Kehlani’s music has carried a soft sadness. This time she has a very fun and peaceful vibe because she herself is at peace. Moreover, not everyone can be pleased and Kehlani is paying attention to what she wants out of herself as an artist and not focusing on pleasing others. She told the NME:

I try not to pay attention to it. At the end of the day, if I chase what people want from me then I’m not being an artist at all. They might as well go and listen to the stuff that’s already out or go and listen to people who are making sad music. I actually think with the amount of healing people are doing right now, there’s gonna be a lot more artists making happy music in the coming years.