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Nessa Barrett Says She Has No Beef With Mads Lewis

Nessa Barrett, American singer, and TikTok star, has been recently involved in a bit of drama with her ex-best friend Mads Lewis. It is not something new to their fans because the drama between these two comes and goes. Mads Lewis is also a famous TikTok star. Barrett and Lewis were once best friends until 2021. In 2021, Nessa dated Mads’ ex-boyfriend, Jaden Hossler, another TikTok star. Mads and Jaden were dating on and off since 2019.

It was also in 2019, Nessa Barrett released a song called ‘La Di Die’ featuring Jaden Hossler. Moreover, as per some fans that’s when everything went down between the two.

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Recently, Nessa got caught in drama on Twitter relating to some tweets that fans believed are a conscious shade towards Mads Lewis as they do not seem to have the same relationship as before.

Nessa Barrett, Jaden Hossler and Mads Lewis Drama

Nessa Barrett, Mads, and Jaden have made a love triangle that is getting complex with time. Mads was once Nessa’s best friend but their relationship was strained due to another TikToker, Jaden Hossler. After Nessa released her song called ‘La Di Die’, fans assumed something must have happened between Mads Lewis and her boyfriend Jaden in 2019. Both tiktokers unfollowed each other. Furthermore, Mads also posted a TikTok shading her ex-boyfriend by focusing on his infidelity. In addition to this, the video that was posted was of Lewis and Hossler, and guess which song was playing in the background of this video? Taylor Swift’s “Better than Revenge”. If you know the song, you would understand the message. The song starts with the lyrics:

“Now go stand in the corner and think about what you did.

Ha, time for a little revenge
Ha, time for a little revenge.”

That does explain a lot but we can never know hundred percent truth about a situation. Furthermore, Lewis talked about Hossler and Nessa indirectly. Later on Twitter, Nessa was seen discussing her mental health worsening which fans saw as an outcome of what has happened between Nessa, Mads, and Jaden. She tweeted:

“I have been through so much recently. I have broken down completely 2 weeks ago and have nearly done something that is irreversible. I got up and decided to release all of the negatives in my life. I am not in a place to entertain those full of hatred and lies.”

Fans’ speculations later fired when Jaden and Nessa were seen together on April 12th. They did not say they were dating but this news was enough to fuel the fire. The most that can be said about this situation is that Nessa Barrett did not want to put this matter online. She went ahead and addressed the situation vaguely by stating that no one knows the full truth and she would like everything to be resolved offline.

The Beef between Barrett and Lewis

The history of this love triangle cant be burned in the past when it keeps on brewing up. Recently, on September 15th, Nessa Barrett decided to come online to clear all the doubts so no one takes her as the wrong person. Barrett, previously, tweeted some tweets which fans believed are a shade at her ex-best friend Mads Lewis. However, Nessa completely disagrees with such assumptions. In the first tweet, Nessa tweeted:

Sometimes I just tweet to tweet and I forget people assume things. I was so confused why I got so much heat for tweeting about my bestfriends.

Both Nessa Barrett and Mads Lewis seem to have calmed down the storm and look pleased with one another. Fans have always assumed things but no one can ever know the truth, except the people involved in situations like these.