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90 Day Fiancé Star Made $70,000 From Selling Her Farts In a Jar

90 Day Fiancé Star Made $70,000 From Selling Her Farts In a Jar

Stephanie Matto earned fame from her appearance on ’90 Day Fiancé’, but she got even more attention when she pulled off an exciting stunt. Matto proudly claims to have more than $70,000 from a business venture no one thought possible! Yes, the headline isn’t clickbait. Stepanie Matto actually did sell jars of her own farts.

Matto works hard in selling her own farts.

Hey, if Belle Delphine can sell her bathwater, so can Matto sell her farts! Yes, I never thought I’d ever type that sentence. I’m equally confused about the progress of humanity as you are, anyway, back to the topic at hand.

Stephanie Matto did a Q&A (question and answer session) on Instagram to explain the process of bottling up her farts. Apparently, she uses a glass mason jar. (Because, you know, other jars aren’t suitable for farts). Then, she farts into the jar and closes it right up. Each jar is priced at AUD$ 1,400. Yes, you read that right!

Apparently, we’ve been going at it all wrong. Don’t go for that respectable job; bottle up your farts and sell them online! Okay, sorry, I’ll stop breaking the fourth wall here.

Stephanie Matto (known as Stephanka Matto on social media) also shared how she prepares her body to release a lot of gas. The reality star consumes a lot of hard-boiled eggs, protein muffins, shakes, beans, and yogurt! The food combined adds to that unique smell that her customers seem to love.

She’s also added a special ingredient to her fart jars

Yep, Stephanie Matto isn’t joking around. She takes her fart jar business very seriously. The reality star and YouTuber has explained that she even adds flower petals to her jars:

“I like to add a little flower petals. I feel like they attach the scent and make it last longer. And when I’m finally finished with my jar, I like to leave a personalized note.”

For those thinking who would actually want to buy these, Stephanie Matto is here to share her story:

“Working on my own adult-friendly platform these past few months has made me very aware of the different types of niches and markets that are out there. Over the years, I’ve gotten a few messages from men and women wanting to buy my worn br*s, p*nties, hair, bath water, etc. I thought farts were super niche, but also something fun, quirky, and different. It’s almost like a novelty item!”

Matto also added that she gets requests for these jars almost daily and tries very hard to keep up with the demand. And demand there is, considering she made a tremendous amount of money from it.

Well, if you’re ever wondering about trying out a different career path and business, you could take a page out of Matto’s book!