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BTS’ Suga And PSY’s “That That’ Already A Hit

K-pop boyband ‘BTS’ member Suga has recently collaborated with the ‘Gangnam Style’ star PSY. The multitalented PSY took a break from music to explore business. He decided to finally return but he did not do it all alone. He chose the member of one of the biggest boybands on the face of Earth right now. Suga is not only credited as the singer but musician, producer, and writer as well on this new song. It was ingenious on part of PSY, applaudable marketing, that he chose Suga of BTS to re-enter the music industry once again. The name of the hit song is ‘That That’ and it also has an appealing music video featuring Suga once again.

Good Marketing strategy from PSY and BTS Suga

PSY’s instant hit ‘Gangnam Style’ took the world by storm and it was internationally listened to. At the present age, BTS is the most renowned band. A collaboration with such a huge name attracts audiences from all parts of the world. More streams, more numbers, and thus more success. If PSY had made a song alone, it sure would have made noise but very short-lived. BTS, on the other hand, has dedicated fans who happily tuned into the track produced and written by Suga. Fans of BTS Suga are thrilled to take PSY collaboration to the top.

The success of ‘That’s That’

It has not been a long time since the release of the track so its ranking will take time. However, the song with names Suga and PSY trended on Twitter for hours. Fans are absolutely loving this collaboration. According to Forbes:

It may land PSY his most impressive placement on many singles rankings in more than half a decade, while Suga never stays away too long. It will almost certainly hit the Hot 100, but where it may settle as it debuts is unclear.

Fans of BTS Suga are happy with the PSY collaboration. The music video also shows the creativity of both the artists. Furthermore, the good friendship and chemistry between Suga and PSY is also visible.