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Nikita Dragun detained in a psychiatric facility

In a recent Instagram post, Nikita Dragun revealed that she is in a psychiatric facility and is getting a treatment done.

Recently, Nikita Dragun revealed that she was detained in a psychiatric hospital. In a lengthy Instagram post, she revealed the news to her fans and followers. According to her, the police picked her up and gave her a ride to the hospital. After getting a thorough checkup, the doctors decided to admit her to the facility. A few months ago, she faked her own death to promote the new merch. At the same time, she revealed that she was hospitalized for stomach-related issues.

Nikita Dragun

A few months ago, Nikita Dragun faked her own death.

On her Instagram stories, her fans noticed a black and white picture of her crying with a #RIPNIKITADRAGUN. At the same time, her picture had a YouTube link to a video. Shortly after, fans of Nikita Dragun panicked and got scared. Similarly, the hashtag started circulating on Twitter as well. Everyone wanted to know the answer to whether she was dead or alive. After Instagram, Nikita Dragun’s Twitter account also uploaded the same picture, and the YouTube link was given. While some claimed they did not want to open the link and give her views, others were too curious. Therefore, when people opened the YouTube link, it became a promotional video for Shoedazzle. At the end of the video, she encouraged her fans to buy from the brand.

After the fake death, she updated her fans that she was hospitalized.

While many criticized her for the promotional video, others appreciated Nikita Dragun’s creativity. A few weeks after the fake death scenarios, she again updated her Instagram stories that she was hospitalized. According to her, she could not keep any food down and had lost 10 pounds due to this. At the same time, Nikita Dragun asked her fans if they had any idea how to cure anxiety. In the end, she updated that the doctors could not find any valid reason for the stomach issue. Therefore, it was determined that it is all linked to her mental health.

Recently, Nikita Dragun revealed that she was detained in a psychiatric facility

In a recent Instagram post, Nikita Dragun updated her fans that she is in a psychiatric facility. According to her, she visited Virginia to find herself. However, it did not turn out to be that way. In a lengthy caption, she wrote:

God, i may never understand why. but i believe. in MYSELF and YOU. i surrender. i have never prayed for myself but here it goes… i want to be FREE. i have been detained. handcuffed and drugged. it took me to feel like a slave to understand and find myself. i was placed under a Temporary Detaining Order and Magistrate taking away all my rights as a human. i was kicked out on Thanksgiving day. i walked the streets in a red gcds dress, akatsuki jacket, and clear stripper heels in the cold. i was picked up by the police and rode in the back of the car. i was hospitalized and tested top to bottom. i was administered into a Psychiatric Behavioral Health Hospital involuntarily. i was drugged so intensely i couldn’t even keep my eyes open for days. i was broken.

She also revealed the purpose behind her trip

Furthermore, Nikita Dragun said:

this trip to Virginia was my way of trying to reconnect… find myself again. the only people who seemed to understood me were the patients. bipolar, schizophrenic, etc. i finally found people who just saw me for me… i even met a patient named Jesus born on Christmas Day. he talks to God and baby that’s good enough for me. my divinity and singing granted me freedom. i was lost, alone, and afraid. i know He works in mysterious ways… and Lord knows i can take on any battle. this one hurt but showed me my will of fire. i am a victim. i am a survivor. i am a lot of things but i am just a girl with a dream. delusional and all. no one will ever take my wish or beliefs away from me. to my family and friends i love u and i am okay.

After the post, people have been reaching out to her and showing support for her. Hopefully, Nikita Dragun will feel better soon.