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Shane Dawson TikTok shows mini conspiracy theories

You sure can count of Shane Dawson to try out some good old conspiracy theories. Well, he does have a whole Make-up Palette named Conspiracy. The YouTuber knows what he is doing. Recently, he posted a Conspiracy video to help fans take their minds off of the COVID-19 Coronavirus (SARS-CoV2) Pandemic. Not only that, but Shane, our Queen, has gone back to TikTok. He is trying to distract himself and his fans from the anxiety of the situation. Until last week, have had only one post on his TikTok account and that was from 2016 April. Now, he’s been uploading daily. In a TikTok video from the week, he posts a mini conspiracy theory.

Shane Dawson posts Conspiracy Theory on TikTok

So, we all know how much attention Shane’s Dasani Water conspiracy got all over the world. Now, it may be a bit juvenile but it turns out his theories are good enough to distract viewers and fans from their anxious Quarantine routines. So, while his YouTuber editor Andrew Siwicki is in Quarantine for precautions, Shane Dawson seems to have taken to his TikTok account to post. So, here’s the TikTok he posts.

@shanedawsonTRY IT 🅰️1️⃣ (not really a ##conspiracy but still fun to think about)♬ Creepy Crawler – Jahbeats

So, according to the TikTok video, Shane compares the new day Yelp rating tactics to the classic Phone Directory tactics. He says that, as companies use different strategies to be on top of the Yelp search results and features, they did that when there were phone books. As phone books are arranged alphabetically, oftentimes companies added A and 1 to their registered names for the sake of appearing on the top and start. Be it their address or company name. He even shows his Google results to prove how there are many results showing companies there. These are the companies using the title from back before the early 2000s.

You could try out Shane Dawson’s TikTok theory and check out all the A-1 places around you. It would help kill some Quarantine time.