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Jeffree Star Cancels Dasani after Shane Dawson’s video

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If you know anything about Jeffree Star, you know that he is best friends with fellow YouTuber Shane Dawson. So, they follow each other and influence each other a lot! In Shane Dawson’s recent conspiracy video, he tested the Dasani water theory. According to many, the water tastes like acid or metallic. And Shane tests and proves the theory. It is absurd how the Coca Cola company is distributing such a product. So, after much testing and speculation, Shane Dawson approves of the theory and looks into its ingredients. Much to our disbelief, it actually has potentially poisonous ingredients.

So, following up on that, Jeffree Star posts a picture of his stocked up fridge and shows fans how there is no Dasani in his house.


Dasani aside, Jeffree Star sure has a lot of Red Bull!

Shane Dawson’s fans and Jeffree Star cancel Dasani Water

So in Jeffree’s tweet, he shows how he has no Dasani water in his house. But he is not the only one. The Dasani conspiracy has gained quite a lot of attention since Shane’s video and now, fans all over the world are bashing Dasani water.

Some Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson fans are comparing Dasani Water to 2020.

Wow… that image, is a nightmare.

Other Dasani water drinkers are just shocked and joking about the situation this conspiracy has created.

Others are just bashing people who drink Dasani.

Not only Dasani but Jeffree Star’s fans are also commenting on how many water cartons he has in his fridge. Take this one tweet reply for instance;

pls @JeffreeStar don’t give plastic water bottle companies the spotlight! from a marine biologist who studies plastic pollution…please please please. 

Well, that may have backlashed on Jeffree Star a little bit. But it is Dasani Water that has taken the real hit.

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