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Brody Jenner & Daisy Keech are dating?

Brody Jenner & Daisy Keech are dating?

Brody Jenner might not be one of the most famous members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan. However, as long as there is a Jenner added to the name, he’ll always be a part of the news. Recently, Brody Jenner made the headlines when he was seen with Clubhouse’s co-founder Daisy Keech just a couple of weeks ago. Daisy is the one who exposed Thomas Petrou of Hype House. And since then, Hype House has not been the same anymore. While her CH is going strong, her personal life is also getting interesting apparently.

Brody Jenner & Daisy Keech

As per the sources, Brody Jenner and Daisy Keech had a takeout date because of quarantined life these days. The Insider tells that the couple is in the initial stages of dating. While Brody is 36 and Daisy is 20, romance is not lost between them. She posted a picture with Brody Jenner on Instagram which got some attention.

A popular influencer commented saying, “also a jenner now” and Daisy didn’t delete it which means that she doesn’t probably mind.

The comment is still there even after all this time. That means Daisy does not mind it at all.

Brody Jenner, on the other hand, previously confirmed that he is not looking for a serious relationship or a serious commitment since his split from Kaitlynn Carter.

Daisy and her female gang also uploaded a Q & A session on the Clubhouse YouTube channel. When Daisy was asked if she has a crush on anyone, she was quick to confirm that yes, she does have a crush. While talking about relationship advice, Daisy Keech shared:

don’t let boys be mean to you. Honestly, you need to show them that you respect you too. They hurt your feelings, don’t be afraid to speak up. You’re afraid that they’ll leave you, that shouldn’t be right.

Are they really dating seriously or was that just a pre-collaboration take-out meal? We’ll find out soon enough.