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Kwazy Cupcakes From Brooklyn 99 Is Finally A Real Game You Can Play

Kwazy Cupcakes From Brooklyn 99 Is Finally A Real Game You Can Play

We finally know what Brooklyn 99’s Kwazy Cupcake game is all about. People can now download and play it on their mobile devices to find out. The famous game is a fictional mobile app that the NBC show introduced in its sitcom. It is even somewhat part of the storyline as Gina, Hitchcock, Terry, Charles and even Captain Holt have been seen playing it. According to what the show has told, it is an extremely addictive game full of animations, sounds, and colors. We can now know what this application is all about!

A Reddit User Made Kwazy Cupcake

This is not the first time Kwazy Cupcake is available to play. In 2015, RED Games created the game, officially launching it on Google Play Store and Apple Store. This was the description we got from the iOS store back then:

“Save some room for an extra helping of Brooklyn Nine-Nine because the official Kwazy Cupcakes mobile game is finally here!”

Unfortunately, the game could not see its success for too long, it was removed after some while. The story doesn’t end here, fortunately for us. Brooklyn 99 fans made us proud by launching their own version of Kwazy Cupcakes only recently.

While I was in Quarantine, I thought about making the game Kwazy Cupcakes from Brooklyn 99. What do you think ? from LetsPlayMyGame

Reddit user sans_todoroki posted a link of the game in subreddit, LetsPlayMyGame. Apparently, this fan was observing quarantine when he got an idea to work on his favorite TV show. He posted the game link to the community of 2600 members, where creators often post about the games they made. Incredibly, the game has got a 5-star average rating from 44 users. Indeed, if Kwazy Cupcakes can get a movie premiere inside the Brooklyn 99 universe, then fans and viewers also deserve to know what the hype is all about.

The coronavirus pandemic lockdown is bringing out the best of us in so many different ways. it is all about lifting yourself up when you are extremely bored and have nothing to do but sit at home. For this fan, the Kwazy Cupcake game was his answer.