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Schitt's Creek Season 6 Release Date

Possible Schitt’s Creek Season 6 Release Date

We have some goods news and we have some bad news. Schitt’s Creek was renewed for season 6, yay! But it will end with this season, not yay. But it certainly had a good run. We’ve gotten quite good on speculating on the release dates of different TV shows. Let’s see when we can expect Schitt’s Creek season 6 to finally come.

Possible Schitt’s Creek Season 6 Release Date

Let’s see when Schitt’s Creek’s first season arrived for the audience to fall in love with. The first season’s first episode came on the 1st of February in 2015 . The whole season ran until 6th March 2015.

Then, after a whole year the Schitt’s Creek season 2 came on 16th March 2016 and ran until 29th March 2016. The third season came a bit sooner when it arrived on 10th January 2017. Schitt’s Creek third season ended on 4th April 2017.

The fourth season also followed suit and arrived in January of next year. Though, Schitt’s Creek season 4 lasted until 19th December 2018. The fifth one also arrived in January of this year and lasted till April 2019.

The first and second seasons arrived in March. Whereas, the third, fourth, and fifth seasons of Schitt’s Creek all arrived for us in the month of January. Since, Schitt’s Creek season 6 has already wrapped up shooting, we can see our favorite cast consisting of Eugene Levy, Dan Levy, Catherine O’Hara, Annie Murphy, Emily Hampshire and Noah Reid to come back on our screens in early 2020.

So mark your calendars! Schitt’s Creek season 6 release date is going to be in January 2020.

The Cast Is Hanging Out A Lot

Much to everyone’s delight, the cast is already hanging out with each other. Behind the scenes, we can spot Dan Levy having a jolly good time with his actual sister Sarah Levy and TV sister Annie Murphy.

There’s also the iconic couple of David Rose (Dan Levy) and Patrick Brewer (Noah Reid) playing a good ol’ game of pong to fight the summer heat.

We also saw the cast having fun with Elton John behind the scenes at the musical festival known as the Summer Festival Luca.

It’s sad to see the show Dan Levy and Eugene Levy created to leave after six memorable years. But all good things have an end. We thank Johnny Rose, David Rose, Moira Rose, Alexis Rose and of course the proud co-owner of Rosebud Motel Steve Budd for all the hilarious and heartfelt memories. We are just as sad as Dan Levy is.

This last season is certainly going to be worth a watch. Stay tuned.