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The Expanse Hints Towards A Season 4 Release Date Announcement

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The Expanse is definitely receiving different and better treatment ever since it has moved to Amazon after its third season. Syfy had cancelled the show last year, complaining that it wasn’t just able to get enough viewership. However, thanks to a prompt surge of fan support, completed with a #SaveTheExpanse banner flown around Amazon headquarters, the big-ticket show was able to score a fourth season.

It’s been almost a year since the show’s big network jump. Fans are still awaiting a word from the digital service on the release date for The Expanse 4th season. So far, there hasn’t been official news. But now, the streaming service teased, with a sense of overwhelming subtlety, the reveal of The Expanse’s latest season release date.

The Expanse Hints Towards Season 4 Release Date On National Space Day

Yesterday, on National Space Day, The Expanse wished its fans a ‘happy May 4th’. The wish obviously did not come off without a few cosmic digs and Easter eggs.

The Expanse Insecure About Star Trek And Star Wars Favoritism

The cynical favoritism vows were obviously targeted at the much older space sagas, Star Trek and Star Wars. The complaint was well inferred by the fans, who immediately drew the show’s attention to the fact that it is; in fact, the best sci-fi soap opera to have ever existed – a show that has just beaten the record of the Emmy-winning X-Files. The mockery was subject to quick interpretation. But fans might have missed something important.

The tweet came right after National Space Day. And it happened to hint at a particular date. It’s not hard to assume it’s a hint to the release date of the latest season of the show. Just a few days ago, The Handmaid’s Tale did something like this on its own Twitter handle. And subsequently, a trailer dropped the very next day. We can thus expect the release date of The Expanse season 4 soon.

After a brief patch of dormancy, The Expanse’s Twitter handle is active again. It’s been telling us to get out of Chrisjen’s face, it’s been sharing pictures of Tipper fixing Cara’s bridal dress, and also of Amos with and without his space-suit on.

Following the fourth part of James S.A. Corey’s book, The Expanse’s fourth season will take place completely on Planet Ilus. Although the trailer for the fourth season hasn’t dropped yet, it is a situation that is bound to change pretty soon.

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  1. James McCormick says

    “The Expanse is definitely receiving different, and deservedly better, ever since it has moved to Amazon after its third season.” Better what? I do not believe the opening sentence is a sentence.

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