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Is Bonding Season 2 Happening?

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The American web TV series Bonding can be categorized as a dark comedy. The series premiered on Netflix in April and I still cannot believe it ended so soon. Sometimes I just forget I have already watched the season finale. It was too short to register when it began and how it ended

Official Renewal Status Of Bonding Season 2

There has been no official news for the renewal yet. Is there a chance Season 2 of Bonding will be airing next year? Probably. However, the 2nd season may not be announced until September. The overall rating of the show has been better than average though. People really liked the humor, witty characters, excellent acting skills and a simple story-line.

Season 1 merely had 7 episodes, with an average run-time of 15 minutes. Now that has left the interested audience wanting for more. They want to see more of Pete/Master Carter (Brendan Scannell) and Tiffany/Mistress May (Zoe Levin).

The show-runner Rightor Doyle is keeping it hush hush in hopes for season 2. He is not exactly running a campaign from his official twitter handle. (Whyyyyyyyyyyy so silent?)

What Happened in Bonding Season 1?

Well, a lot!

We were introduced to the interestingly unique story revolving around two high school best buddies who drifted apart due to some issues. Tiffany is a part-time Mistress May, titled as a dominatrix in the world of BDSM.

The series has a humorous take on BDSM when Pete is forced into that world by two factors: the need for money, and finding Tiffany in dominatrix avatar. Pete ends up as an assistant of Mistress May and by the end of season 1 he was actually doing pretty good as Master Carter.

The theme behind the whole concept of Bonding is very interesting which also tackles serious topics such as rape and sexual harassment. Moreover, it also shows us some honest representation of queer love.

Let’s see if Netflix renews Bonding for season 2 or not! We’ll keep you updated.

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