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Will Arnett’s Bojack Horseman Season 6 Release Date

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The animated dramedy show Bojack Horseman has certainly become a fan favorite ever since its premiere on Netflix on 22nd August 2014. It’s a show that satirizes Hollywood hilariously yet still possesses raw emotional depth. The main hero, Bojack Horseman, voiced by Will Arnett is an anti-hero whose feelings are often relatable. Despite being a washed-up actor and alcoholic suffering from emotional negligence as a child, this anthropomorphic horse manages to convey the complexities of human life accurately. Simply put, it’s a realistic portrayal of depression; an issue that affects us all. Due to the emotional depth as well as the genius wit of the show, fans were beyond glad that Bojack Horseman was renewed for season 6.

Now we’re left with one pressing question: When is Season Bojack Horseman season 6 coming?

Possible Bojack Horseman Season 6 Release Date

We were given the official news of season 6 of Bojack Horseman through a hilarious tweet. The news also told us that there was an upcoming season 6 coming but there has been no other update. Nor have the show-runners or cast members given us any teasers or details about the new show. Not even Will Arnett himself.

Yet, if we observe the release patterns of Bojack Horseman, we can figure out a release date for season 6. Season 1 came out in 22nd August 2014. Following it, 2nd season came out almost a year later in July 2015. Fans of Will Arnett starrer Bojack Horseman got to see the 3rd season in July of 2016.

It seemed as if July was their chosen month to release the entire season, yet the 4th season actually came out on 8th September in 2017. Similarly, Bojack Horseman 5th season premiered on 14th September in 2018.

Since the news of a season 6 was confirmed pretty soon after season 5 ended, they probably started working on it already. It’s safe to assume that the Bojack Horseman Season 6 release date will fall somewhere around in September of 2019.

Who Will Return In the Cast

The main cast starring Will Arnett (Bojack Horseman), Alison Brie (Diane Nguyen), Aaron Paul (Todd Chavez), Amy Sedaris (Princess Carolyn), and Paul F. Tomkins (Mr. Peanutbutter) will definitely be returning to our screens. Especially after each one of them had more character development in the latest season. The great thing about the show is that it highlights the nuances of everyday life through the lens of this major cast and not just primarily Will Arnett’s Bojack Horseman.

Last season, we got to see Stephanie Beatriz voice a new character on the show Gina Cazador. Giza plays the new love interest of Bojack that has an important role in the story. There were also other celebrities on the show such as Daniel Radcliffe, Ricky Gervais, Kristen Bell, Jessica Biel, Lisa Kudrow and Rami Malek. We’re hopeful that some of these characters will come back for a few episodes!

Where The Show Left Off

After that finale, we can expect a lot of different story lines to take place in Bojack Horseman season 6. Will Arnett’s character Bojack Horseman was checked into a rehab facility after he almost strangles his co-star and ex-girlfriend Gina to death. Diane Nguyen (voiced by Alison Brie) was seen dropping him off; proving once again how important her role is in his life.

Princess Carolyn (Amy Sedaris) adopted a child by the end of the season, and Mr. Peanutbutter (Paul F. Tomkins) proposed to his young girlfriend after he failed to tell her he cheated on her with Diane.

Diane herself is occupied with trying to carve out her own new life post-divorce and even takes a trip to Vietnam to find her roots. Alison Brie’s character plays a huge role to be the focal female lens through which the show finds its depth. It’s certainly important when the show is discussing sexual harrassment.

She even ends up writing on the show Philbert that stars Bojack and Gina. Alison Brie’s character tries to convey common sense to a largely ignorant and sexist Hollywood culture.

A lot happens in this season for Bojack himself, he loses a mother and his overall sanity over the guilt of his questionable behavior throughout the six seasons we have seen him.

Though, it seems like that Will Arnett’s character might be getting a chance to redeem himself somehow.

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