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Pitbull releases new song about the coronavirus

Pitbull releases new song about the coronavirus

Mr. Worldwide has decided to sing about, well, a worldwide issue. The coronavirus pandemic has claimed 118,000 lives and infected almost 2 million people. Moreover, it could kill many more people as collateral damage by its economic impact. However, great artists like Pitbull want a powerful, uplifting message out there. And unlike some celebrities, he is doing something extra for the people out there.

Pitbull’s I Believe That We Will Win:


Pitbull released the World Anthem lyric video on his YouTube channel this Monday. The 39-year-old rapper starts the song with an optimistic message:

You know what spreads faster than any virus? Is fear

And when it comes to fear, you can either forget everything and run,

Or you can face everything and rise

Let me tell you what I believe

I believe we will face everything and rise

Although the song may sound tacky,  it does raise an important issue. Morale is down all over the world as people deal with the side-effects of social distancing. Moreover, listening to the morbid news doesn’t help either. It is up to the artists like Pitbull to rejuvenate the crowds at the moment. However, most celebrities are holed up in their mansions instead of supporting the public that put them there. Pitbull continues in his song:

It’s not how you fall / It’s how you get back up

And what don’t kill us make us stronger / Boy, bet that up.

I Believe That We Will Win is available for streaming here.

All proceeds will be donated to charity:

Pitbull has promised that all earnings from his song will be donated to charities. Moreover, he has invited the public to donate themselves and be a part of his music video. Pitbull has uploaded dance moves on his website with instructions. Submit your videos there to feature in Pitbull’s music video for the song! The website says:

We believe that we can overcome. We are calling all students, medical workers, first responders, parents, grandparents, everyone from all over the world to be a part of Pitbull’s video anthem.

Proceeds will be going to various charities around that world. Please join this movement and submit a video of showing how much you believe.