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Why Is Bernie Sanders Loved By Celebrities But Hated By Hollywood?

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Now, celebrities are different from Hollywood producers. Production teams are usually massive businesses that can be worth billions, whereas celebrities are just artists (mostly). Now, that is a huge difference, and it plays a pivotal role in politics too. It is the main reason why Hollywood hates Bernie Sanders, but many celebrities and artists love him instead.

Why do celebrities love Bernie?

To put it simply, many celebrities have had a taste of what it’s like to have a working-class background. In many cases, celebrity actors and singers belong to middle-class or lower-middle-class backgrounds. This gives them a taste of how tough life is for millions of working-class Americans. Therefore, that makes them the perfect voter for Bernie Sanders.

Why Is Bernie Sanders Loved By Celebrities But Hated By Hollywood

Let’s look at Mark Ruffalo, for example. He is one of Bernie’s most solid supporters and even a political activist. However, he has a very strong working-class background. Before breaking into show-business, he worked as a bartender for almost a decade. And it’s this kind of struggle that helps him relate to Bernie Sanders’ progressive policies.

And Ruffalo isn’t the only one. Larry David is another supporter of Bernie Sanders, and he also has a difficult past. He’s worked as a limousine driver and a bra salesman (yes, it’s true). Even though he’s worth $400 million, he’s had to work his fair share to get to where he is now. And again, that struggle helps him empathize with the working-class. That’s why he’s also a Bernie Supporter.

Similarly, many other actors like Leonardo DiCaprio, Oprah, Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Lopez, Jay Z, etc also share similar backgrounds. But then, why do Hollywood producers, not like Bernie Sanders?

Why do producers not share the same love for him?

We discussed this before in, why does Hollywood not like Bernie Sanders. And the answer remains the same – Big Hollywood producers are not his biggest fans. This is because many of his policies go against their interests. Supporting unions and a greater minimum wage isn’t very friendly for businesses.

Before being disgraced in public for barbaric crimes like rape, Harvey Weinstein didn’t support Bernie either. He was a Hillary supporter for years and campaigned heavily for her. Of course, he gave different reasons as to why he preferred Hillary over Bernie. But, in many cases, it’s just strictly business. Moreover, putting a wealth-cap isn’t something that Disney, or Weinstein, or Warner Brothers would want. After all, these are rich corporations that want to gather more capital for more investments. Hollywood is still an industry nonetheless.

Now, however, Bernie Sanders is out of the picture, since he has dropped out. But, his impact on the US political landscape lives on. Now, the Democratic Party is behind Joe Biden to finally face off against Donald Trump. And not just that, but they’ll have to work hard against Donald Trump supporters too. It’s make or break for America in November!

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