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Avengers and Star Wars Alone Saved Hollywood 2019 And Here Is How

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We believe that even with the normal global situation, Hollywood would have still seen a slump in profit just because of how contributions from two of the biggest Disney franchise slowed down considerably. Now, you have to hear us out first, because Marvel’s Avengers and Lucas Films’ Star Wars made huge profits and we all know that. So, how could we expect the likes of Bloodshot, I Still Believe and The Hunt (which released earlier this year), to cover for the Endgame alone?

Yes, the coronavirus pandemic has had a drastic effect on Hollywood and the entertainment business in general. You can’t make money when theaters are closed, that’s an underlying fact. But it is much more complicated than that!

Closed Theaters Means No Revenue

When you have multiplexes with no crowd, indeed, that is a terrible display of business in the entertainment industry. Even if the situation returns to normalcy in mid-2020, big names like F9, Minions 2, and Jungle Cruise have already moved to 2021. A similar situation came in 2014 when we complained about the movie slump that year as well. However, in 2015 Furious 7 and Fifty Shades of Grey made up around $ 500 million in revenue.

Why is that? Well, there is a good chance that we can expect a higher revenue as expected due to the late releases. Furious 7 enjoyed it when they finally opened up after delaying due to Paul Walker’s death. The same is the case for Fifty Shades movie when it released in 2015 instead. Last year we had an entire year covered by Disney with Avengers and Star Wars. Their lack of will indeed makes us want more compensation. That is why, the delays is something we can hope to look forward to when the lockdown ends.

Disney Saving The Day With Avengers

In the last two years, Marvel’s Avengers and other Disney franchises gave us mega-movies. I mean, they even made rivals hold back some of their A-lists like Wonder Woman 1984, F9, and even No Time To Die. In 2018, Disney made over $ 1800 million with just three titles like Black Panther, Infinity Wars and Incredibles 2. Next year, Avengers peaked at $ 859 million alone, while Lion King and Star Wars: TROS and Frozen II amounted to $ 1500 million in the estimate. Here, how can we forget Disney+?

Bob Iger indeed enjoyed the domination of his titles, which ultimately led to smaller projects the following year, 2020. Here we can see Disney having a different approach, offering smaller titles, quite possibly giving room to other houses like Warner Bros, Paramount and Universal. Still, the contributions from these players would not be enough to surmount the bar that Disney set with Pixar, Avengers and Star Wars in a couple of previous years.

Yes, coronavirus did have an impact and it’s a huge one. However, the pandemic only added to what was coming all along. Will the delayed titles enjoy boosted profits when they finally release? That is a story to see in 2021 and 2022.

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