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Danielle Cohn's mother crossed the line? confirmed abortion in leaked audio

Danielle Cohn’s mother crossed the line? Confirmed abortion in leaked audio

Danielle Cohn, the famous TikToker and singer, has been silent on her social media handles lately. Though she has been sharing some posts, including promotion of her recently launched game. However, it is hard to tell whether her boyfriend, Mikey Tua, is still living with her. A couple of days ago Danielle tweeted that she misses him. Apparently, Mikey went to meet his family and we don’t know whether he has returned yet because there is no sign of it. Meanwhile, the tea channels who are running news on Danielle Cohn & her parents, have posted really alarming information lately. In fact, seems like one was even threatened by Danielle’s mother through a private investigator. All of this to allegedly cover Danielle’s age? Or is there more to that? Did Danielle Cohn really had an abortion?

Danielle Cohn’s mother Jennifer Archambault hired a PI

Though the original post is gone. However, many tea channels recorded and shared a video from Jennifer Archambault, Danielle Cohn’s mother, Instagram account. The video was recorded by a man who was apparently talking to a tea channel owner that posts only about Danielle. The guy (Private Investigator) asked the tea channel owner to delete all of his content and channels related to Danielle Cohn and her mother Jen.

Danielle Mom

Many fans reacted to the situation and they were not happy to find out that Danielle’s mother is coercing people to stop whatever they are doing.

These tea channels have a belief that Danielle Cohn’s mother Jennifer Archambault is using her for money and clout. They also believe that Mikey Tua is the person behind recently leaked conversations of Jen with Danielle Cohn. Some even believe her mother suggests her to pose provocatively.

Leaked conversations

The voices in the audio do sound like them but their authenticity is still questionable unless Dani, Jen or Mikey confirm it.


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Danielle Cohn’s mother Jen can be heard saying “You go live with Dustin for a while”. Dustin Cohn is Danielle’s father who has come forward with Dani’s birth certificate multiple times to prove her real age.


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There is still no confirmation of who leaked the audio recordings. However, the sources confirm that these audio files come from a reliable source. And the fans are speculating that if it’s not Danielle herself recording the conversation then it might be Mikey Tua. Danielle and Jennifer can also be heard talking about abortion. The conversation seems to be incomplete as it ends abruptly. Back in January, Danielle confirmed that she had a minor medical procedure done and people speculated she might have had an abortion.

Even though Danielle Cohn rejected these speculations, she got a tattoo on her arm that has angel wings and a date. The date fans assume she had her abortion on.

There are a few other allegations on Danielle’s mother as well. And we are going to skip those until there is a proof of those allegations.

Do you think these leaked conversations are real? Is Danielle in trouble? We’ll have to wait and see. Meanwhile, please do not throw hate at anyone. The world has already seen enough of the cancel culture.