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Travis Barker, Jaden Hossler kick Machine Gun Kelly off the stage

Travis Barker and Jaden Hossler kick Machine Gun Kelly off the stage

Jaden Hossler & Travis Barker take over the stage, kick-off MGK

With Jaden on the mics, Travis Barker has to take over the drums to perform. But, turns out his drums are already occupied by Machine Gun Kelly. Surprised at it, Travis asks him to get off his drums.

Perks of collaborating with Travis Barker? We think so. Does that mean Jaden Hossler will be collaborating with MGK in the future? Well, we could only hope with our fingers crossed.

Other surprise cameos

Other than Travis Barker and Machine Gun Kelly, the So What music video has appearances of Josh Richards, Quinton Griggs, and Anthony Reeves. In fact, if you have seen the recent boxing match between Hype House and Sway House, then you might also recognize another person is in the video. It’s Caleb, Josh Richards’s friend, who recently boxed with Michael of the Hype House.

At the beginning of So What video, you also get to see names of all:

Jaden Hossler

That equation on the board says Jxdn, that’s Jaden Hossler. Just taking a guess, DTA in that equation and on the drums drawn on the board, stands for Travis Barker (and the song Don’t Trust Anyone). 7/16 is the date when So What was released. Still trying to figure out what Shannons Theorem is. Any guesses?

Talking about the experience

Jaden Hossler and Travis Barker recently appeared in an interview with Kevan Kanney. They shared an interesting story of how Machine Gun Kelly was supposed to be the lounge singer they kick off the stage. It was MGK who wanted to be the drummer that was kicked off the stage.

You can watch the complete interview here.