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When The Beatles Celebrated Holi In India

With Hindus celebrating Holi all around the world, let's recall the time when The Beatles visited India and celebrated Holi while making music.

Yesterday, Hindus all around the world celebrated the colorful festival of Holi. Of course, Holi in India brings back sweet memories for Beatles’ fans. Their trip to India not only brought forward some amazing music but also changed India’s image in the west! Let’s take a look at the historic trip and its impact on music and the world.

Stay at Rishikesh, North India

When The Beatles Celebrated Holi In India
The Beatles in Magical Mystery Tour | Wikimedia Commons

The Beatles traveled to Rishikesh in India in February of 1968. The reason for the visit was for the band to explore Transcendental Meditation (TM). This came at a time when the four were trying to quit drugs. As expected, it drew a lot of media attention. Thus, the media went crazy over this trip, with many reporters traveling with them for coverage.

They took training in the Ashram of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, which is now called the ‘Beatles Ashram’. Both George and John were most eager to attend this training and spoke about TM with high regard. They brought along Paul and Ringo, along with their wives, assistants and many reporters. It was during this time that the Beatles also celebrated Holi in India at the Ashram.

This trip brought a lot of fame to India, especially spiritual meditation. The Beatles were such a household name back then that anything they did, received instant fame. And India was no different. However, this doesn’t mean that their time in India was just magical.

It was difficult for the four to adjust to the Indian lifestyles, such as the climate and the food. Ringo especially had a difficult time living there. Furthermore, a serious controversy took place between the Maharishi and Mia Farrow that tarnished the trip. The controversy was mostly related to harassment. Thus, it resulted in the Beatles leaving back for England earlier than expected in March. This, however, did not stop them from creating some amazing music!

Songs produced by the Beatles during the trip

This trip is often considered one of the most productive time for the Beatles. Many of the songs they made on this trip were a part of the album ‘The Beatles’ and ‘Abbey Road’. They include:

1. “Back in the U.S.S.R.”
2. “Dear Prudence”
3. “Julia”
4. “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da”
5. “Revolution”
6. “I Will”
7. “Sexy Sadie”
8. “Mean Mr. Mustard”
9. “Polythene Pam”
10. “I’m So Tired”

And these are just the popular ones. The Beatles might not have achieved peak spirituality, but it was enough for them to produce some incredible music. Creativity truly hit its peak with this iconic band. And the world is still indebted to them for it.