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Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston on Cigars & Spirits Cover

After rocking the world in "Breaking Bad", Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston star at the cover of Cigars & Spirits for their own mezcal, named Dos Hombres!

It’s been almost 7 years since Breaking Bad ended, but its effects loom large even today. Vince Gilligan’s masterpiece receives a lot of praise to this day. Moreover, Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston’s performance as a duo is loved by fans. However, the two did not end their partnership after Breaking Bad. Both of them collaborated to make a Mezcal, and are now featuring on Cigars & Spirits magazine cover because of it!

Life after Breaking Bad:

As soon as the show ended, both Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston had to decide what they wanted to do. They were slightly concerned that “Jesse Pinkman” and “Walter White” might stick around with their name for a while. But they realized that it will eventually die out. And that is when they decided to launch their own brand of Mezcal, named “Dos Hombres”. It is an apt name, as it translates to “two men”. They launched the spirit in 2019, and it has gotten considerable fame since then. So much so that the famous men’s lifestyle magazine, “Cigars & Spirits” decided to feature them on their cover!

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Cigars & Spirits recognized their work!

Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston on Cigars & Spirits Cover
Paul and Cranston drinking Dos Hombres while giving an interview to Cigars & Spirits | Instagram

We all know that when Jesse and Walt work hard, they do not mess around. Both of them put a lot of hard work into “Dos Hombres”. They roamed around Mexico a lot to find the perfect spirit and recipe, and the work paid off. As a result, the people over at Cigar & Spirits recognized their hard work and featured both of them on their magazine cover. Moreover, it was Bryan Cranston’s birthday! So, it was the perfect time for Aaron Paul to wish him and advertise the Mezcal and cover picture too!

AMC’s Breaking Bad might have ended, but the iconic duo kept their relationship alive! Their brand of Mezcal has received a lot of recognition, and you can buy it from here (only if you’re over 21, of course)! We still hope to see more of Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul every time. After all, there’s nothing bad in some much-needed fan service from time to time, right?