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The Weeknd Blinding Lights Music Video is a Bloody Bender

Lo and behold! The Weeknd delivered. Finally, the much-anticipated Blinding Lights music video is out. The hit music track was immensely appreciated and landed in the Global Top 50 on Spotify. A music video would be the cherry on top. Well, we’ve watched it. And we’re going to tell you all what we think.

Blinding Nights Music Video Starts Where Heartless Left

So the Heartless music video dropped earlier and it was happening af. Abel Tesfaye and Metro Boomin are seen hitting it off and partying in LA. The dazzling, shimmering colorful lights of the city and the fun vibes are great. But soon the music video takes a dark turn. Abel hallucinates and then breaks down. He’s seen running away on the roads and then puking. The last shot of the video shows him staring into his own reflection, putting up a plastered smile on his face.

Well, Blinding Lights music video has a lot of blood and gore. And interestingly, it starts off exactly where Heartless finished. Abel is seen gaining consciousness and getting back up. He’s still tripping, looking here and there. And then he comes across a Mercedez. Similar to the earlier video, he drives the stylish car, winding down the roads at full speed.

Blinding Lights music video, the Weeknd

And there’s a lot of blood

Abel accelerates and speeds with no limits while driving, and a speedometer is shown repeatedly to establish that. He ends up in a club then where he soon gets into trouble and gets beaten to the pulp. With a bloody, injured face, he runs out again.

And then in the same state, he dances and sways with a smile on his face that says “I don’t feel the pain.”

The video is again crazy, dark, and this time even gory. To be honest, the video clearly has a Joker movie vibe to it. The way Abel is dressed up and his dancing steps both remind us of that.

Overall, the Blinding Lights music video is a must-watch if you love The Weeknd. Tell us what you think about it!