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Aquaman 2 Starring Jason Momoa Is Coming in 2022

Aquaman 2 Starring Jason Momoa Is Coming in 2022

Back in 2018, Aquaman starring Jason Momoa surprised everyone by smashing the box office. Maybe it was because of the very disappointing Justice League that the movie seemed like a big surprise and started to gain hype. Whatever the true reason is, the fact stays indifferent. Aquaman is DC Comics’ biggest and most-hit superhero movie after crossing the billion-dollar mark. Now, we are hearing reports of its sequel Aquaman 2 as well. So, what should we expect from DC’s biggest movie sequel? What is its release date? Let’s find out!

Aquaman 2 Release Date and What To Expect

First thing first: Warner Bros confirms that the movie will release in cinemas on December 16, 2022. This means that Aquaman 2 will come out four years after the debut movie. The year 2020 is already booked for other movies like Birds of Prey and Wonder Woman 1984. Therefore, Jason Mamoa will have to wait for a bit more.

Who Will Be In The Cast?

Well, to make it short and very clear we will get to see every major role back in Aquaman 2. This includes Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Willem Dafoe, Patrick Wilson, and Nicole Kidman. Yayha Abdul-Mateen and Dolph Lundgren will also star in the coming film.

What Will Be The Story?

Which Villains Might Appear In Aquaman 2?

First, there is Orm, or Ocean Master, starring Patrick Wilson. He is Arthur’s half-brother and a villain in the story, whose evil schemes he stopped at the end of the movie. However, Arthur let him go, so there might be a chance for his return. Wilson said that Orm is too important for the movie, and he will not become a villain in some other movie.

Second, there is Black Manta, who worked with Orm. Dr. Stephen Shin rescued the guy in the mid-credits scene and is one of Arthur’s greatest enemies. Therefore, his appearance in Aquaman 2 should not be a surprise.

Aquaman 2 trailers are unlikely to release anytime this year, it is too early. If you are looking forward to the movie, do not expect them before 2021!