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Louis Tomlinson ‘Walls’ Music Video Breakdown

Louis Tomlinson has taken his sweet time with his debut album. The former One Direction member is the last of his bandmates to release a solo album. He posted the tracklist to his album Walls, a few days ago. It is expected to come out January 31st. Less than 10 Days to go! However, before the album could release, Louis released the Music Video for Walls.

Louis Tomlinson

Swooning!!! The video is so aesthetically pleasing.

Breaking Down The Louis Tomlinson Walls Music video

The music video is so soothing and beautifully executed. The video features Louis in a few different settings. The Desert with the wall and chair, the mirror, the dance floor made out to be like a target, the crowd in red and black and the stage performance. So, here’s what we’ve gathered from the video.

The Desert represents the fact that he is alone. Trapped, with no way out. Then comes the mirror. The mirrors represent somewhat of a battle within himself. He then finds a door. The door that leads to a chair. He sits in the chair and the chair turns out taking him further from the ground. The mirrors appear again and we noted that it was like an infinite mirror. Like he’s trying to be rid of himself but all he can see is who he his. The next set is the target practice dance floor. I think it may have represented how there are couples around him and there’s this target on his back to find someone and have someone to be with. He is the only one without a partner he feels singled out for it. Eventually, he finds that it’s okay.

Then, the iconic red and black with distorted faces are shown. This most likely represents that in the world full of people trying to be like each other with no identity of their own. It shows how he has struggled to stay himself (without a mask). The end shows him smiling in the same crowd meaning he has probably accepted that he is different.

The last set, the performance stage was so amazing to One Direction fans. Before he is seen performing with the band of musicians, Louis walks on a stage in between 4 other performers that look just like the original One Direction members: Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Harry Styles, and Zayn Malik. Fangirl moment!!

Needless to say, fans loved it! Have you watched the Walls Music Video yet? You can pre-order the album on Louis’s webpage now!