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Upcoming Kpop Group you should Look Out for in 2020

Upcoming Kpop Group you should Look Out for in 2020

There’s no such thing as stanning too many Kpop groups. They’re all so unique and different in their own ways that one can’t help but have the longest possible stan list. And the list keeps on growing every year as new groups make their debut. Every year a number of new groups make their debut and we’re here to tell you which ones you should look out for.

Upcoming Kpop Boy Groups


Brave Entertainment has been teasing their new boy group for some time and many fans are getting more and more curious about this boy group that consists of 9 members. As of now, the date of their debut has yet to be set.


Those who had watched “World Klass” would know who TOO is! They are the 10 boys who had gone through an audition survival program and made it to the debuting group. Not long ago, the final lineup was decided and the boys will be debuting in 2020.

The Girl Groups You Need to Look Forward to


C9 Entertainment has also been teasing fans about their upcoming new girl group C9 GIRLZ. For now, the name is still temporary and it will be changed once everything is confirmed. Some of the members of C9 GIRLZ are also from the girl group, Good Day.

Vine New Girl Group

Not much information has been giving out from Vine Entertainment about their upcoming girl group but it looks like they are already counting down to their debut! Through the photo posted by the agency, it looks like the new girl group will consist of 5 members.

For now, these are the only debuts on our radar but if the news for more comes out, you can count on us to let you know.