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Lilly Singh Late Night Show Is In Trouble?

Lilly Singh has a true success story. Starting from YouTube as II Superwoman II and then continuing to gain fame, she now has her own late-night tv talk show called A Little Late With Lilly Singh. In the show, she invites various celebrities and talks to them in a fun and humorous way. The show first aired on September 16, 2019. And it’s going well so far. But suddenly it has garnered some bad publicity. Keep reading to know why the show might be in trouble.

Lilly Singh Late Night Show in trouble?

Let’s just start by stating the facts. Currently, A Little Late With Lilly Singh has an IMDB rating of 1.9 out of 10. And on Rotten Tomatoes, 19% audience score which is very very low.

The YouTube channel Spill Sesh sheds light on the current situation and why the show is getting so much criticism. Others have also talked about the issue. One major problem with Lily Singh’s content is how she constantly adds negativity to white people. Spill Sesh added that Lilly also keeps joking about “trashing” men and it starts to get repetitive. She also keeps stressing that she’s a bisexual woman of color.

A lot of people have been giving her constructive criticism so she can improve as a late-night show host. But Lilly is showing resistance to it. This is quite obvious on the screen.

The Spill Sesh host adds:

You can tell that she is upset because people don’t want her to keep making the same jokes about race but she keeps doing it anyway. But just ten times more angrier

She is also spending a lot of time telling people that she is not affected by the comments that she’s getting.

Lilly Singh Dances to Hate Comments

Following a new TikTok trend where users dance to voicemails sent from their exes, Lilly did something similar recently. She dances to the YouTube comments that criticize her.

A computer voice read out the words as Lilly Singh dances to “the beautiful words of my haters.”

You can watch the video here:

Lilly Singh

Of course, this was fun. But it’s probably going to cost Lilly Singh’s show even more trouble.