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Best Kpop Music Videos of this Decade

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A few years ago kpop music videos were bound to boxes. You’d have the idols dancing in front of a green screen or a set designed as a colorful box. Then the videos became more creative and one-shot videos became the norm. Inching towards the end of the decade, the videos became more story-centric. This decade has been a whirlwind for Kpop itself. From being a niche, it has become a genre in itself. It has taken the world by storm and even if you don’t like kpop, you have to admit that it has been a defining factor of this decade. And that is not only because of the song and the group, it’s also because of the music video. So, we are listing down the best kpop music video’s of this decade in no particular order.

IU – Palette

This music video is pastel perfection. It’s minimalist but yet so aesthetic. Also, the music video goes just right with the song. It fits the soothing melody of the song itself. However her newer releases BBIBBI and Blueming are just as eye-pleasing, we’re going with Palette. It was what we feel like started the minimalist color centric theme of IU’s videos.

GOT7 – Just Right

Now what could be better than miniature Got7 dancing on your dressing table while they’re telling you that you right just the way you are. This is exactly what the Just Right music video is like. It’s groovy, fun and colorful. The perfect combination for a Kpop music video.

Mamamoo – Starry Night

Beautiful. That is exactly the word to describe this music video. The landscape shots with the girls dressed in contrast to it…. this music video is *chef’s kiss.*

Super Junior – Mamacita

SM’s music videos have mostly been restricted to the boxes but this super junior music video is just as out of the box as possible! Though shot on a set, Mamacita has the most compelling storyline. It’s got romance, thrill, mystery, and comedy all wrapped in one. Mamacita is a must watch!

Winner – Really Really

Monochrome is a recurring video trend in kpop. With Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry to Wonder Girls Be my baby to 4Minute’s Crazy, there are plenty of monochrome music videos. However, our favorite of the bunch is Winner’s Really Really.

f(x) – Rum Pum Pum Pum

As we were saying SM has mostly restricted its videos to boxes, however, Rum Pum Pum Pum is the best of that lot. It’s vibrant, bright, and perfect for the song. This music video started the school girls plaid uniform trend in kpop.

BigBang – Fantastic Baby

There are certain things you’ll only see in kpop music videos. Groups in kpop don’t shy away from trying weird things like Rapunzel length hair for a male idol.

BTS – Blood, Sweat & Tears

BTS is known for their story-centric music videos. Though ‘I need u’, ‘Run’ and ‘Spring day’ were strong contenders for this list, nothing tops ‘Blood, Sweat & Tears’ for us. Not only is this song the best BTS song ever, but it’s also their best music video.

EXO – Power

Though I’m sure many will not agree with this pick of ours, but hear s out first. We know EXO has many other great music videos, but let’s admit it, this one was just so out the box creative. There’s no such music video in all of kpop and that is why Power wins the best EXO music video award.

Red Velvet – Red Flavour

Now we were confused between Dumb Dumb and this, however, we all have to agree no one could’ve pulled off Red Flavour other than Red Velvet.

Twice – TT

Choosing a favourite Twice music video was hard because all their song’s have such beautiful and colorful videos, they’re all so good. We narrowed it down to TT and What is Love, however TT won the match.


There was no way we weren’t putting this song on this list. Not only is this music video the most viewed kpop video by a group of all time, it’s also everything we love about BLACKPINK. It’s fancy, badass and just so Blackpink.

K Will – Please don’t…

This music video is groundbeaking and something we could’ve never expected. It’s breaking norms and has one of the best plot twists’ of the history of kpop.

AKMU – Melted

Words can’t express how much we love this music video. It’s perfect and fits so well with the song itself.

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