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Underage Fan that Shane Dawson kissed on camera comes out with her story

Underage Fan that Shane Dawson kissed on camera comes out with her story

Shane Dawson is on the news for several reasons. For his drama in the beauty community to his old racism videos. But the most alarming thing that has the internet ready to cancel him, is his pedophilia jokes. A disturbing video came on the internet when Shane Dawson pretended to do something inappropriate to a poster of an underage Willow Smith. After that, people have dug up other things he has said and done that to some may seem like predatory and pedophilic behavior. One of the videos was one in which Shane Dawson is kissing an underage girl at a Meet and Greet. The girl in question has now come out with her story, detailing what happened.

She says Shane Dawson created an environment where she felt okay for him to kiss her

The fan, Abby on Twitter and explains the events leading to her kiss with Shane Dawson. Abby was twelve years old at the time when they were at a Meet and Greet. She shares what happened that led to the kiss:

Shane Dawson created a weird se*ual tension between himself and his VERY young female audience. This is why asking him for a kiss ever came to mind for me, because he had opened the door for that kind of thinking and behavior. (1/4)

Further, she says that he made it feel normal and okay for her to ask him for a kiss:

Not only did he make me think that asking him for a kiss was okay, he agreed to it when he absolutely knew it was not okay. The first time I met him at Vidcon 2011, I sobbed as I told him how much he meant to me and gave him sole credit for saving my life. (2/4)

Abby also shares how she used to be a big fan of Shane Dawson. So much so that she even credited him for saving her life. That shows that there was already a power imbalance taking place.

After the video was recorded, Shane even asked her for it:

October of that same year, after having recorded the kiss at another meet and greet, he asked me to tweet him the video of it, as he wanted to put it in one of his own videos. I did try, and he either never got it or he realized how bad it was and never posted it. (3/4)
She also stated that she was suffering from dark thoughts and used Shane Dawson as an escape. But, he used that to take advantage of her when she was underage:
I was in love with him as much as a suicidal 12 year old could be, and he took advantage of me and my loyalty as a fan for the sake of being a predatory, online creep, convincing a lot of people that this was just “dark humor.” (4/4)
The following are screenshots of Abby’s Twitter account:
Abby Shane Dawson Underage Fan

Her parents were not present when she was having that inappropriate interaction with Shane

The fan, Abby, is getting a lot of hate online because people are assuming her parents recorded the video. To set the record straight, she said that her dad was not recording the video as he wasn’t even there. Her mom did attend the event where the interaction happened with Shane Dawson but she wasn’t next to her when it happened.

Abby Shane Dawson Fan Encounter
 Who filmed the interaction then? As per Abby, it was Tony Valenzuela.
Who Filmed the Video

Let’s see if Shane Dawson addresses Abby’s story or not. As of now, he has remained silent on all the allegations and resurfacing of old videos.

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