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Rachel McAdams Reveals If She'd Play Regina George From Mean Girls Again

Rachel McAdams Reveals If She’d Play Regina George From Mean Girls Again

Although it has been more than a decade, Rachel McAdams will still love to play Regina George from Mean Girls. She revealed recently.

Although she has played many iconic characters in her career, Regina George is unforgettable. Recently, Rachel McAdams revealed that she would definitely play the iconic Mean Girls character again.

Although she made her Hollywood debut in 2002, Rachel McAdams rose to fame with Mean Girls.

In 2002, she starred in her first-ever film, The Hot Chicks, opposite Rob Schneider. However, it was two years after that film that brought popularity, fame, and Ryan Gosling. That was the year when Rachel McAdams starred in two of the best films of her career – Mean Girls and The Notebook. While The Notebook brought love into her life in the shape of Ryan Gosling, Mean Girls made her a star. It is a typical high school comedy film revolving around bratty teens and their dramatic lives.

However, it has become a favorite of all ages. While all the characters are iconic and hold their own, McAdams’ Regina George is a classic. It would not be wrong to say that Regina George became an inspiration for so many other characters. Apart from her, the film included actors like Lindsay Lohan, Tina Fey, Amanda Seyfried, Lizzy Caplan, and Lacey Chabert.

Recently, McAdams shared her wish to play Mean Girls’ character again

To raise funds for health workers, the London Health Science Foundation held a stream, Heroes of Health: COVID-19. During the livestream, many celebrities made appearances. Among them was Rachel McAdams, who talked about Mean Girls. When asked if she would play Regina George again, she said:

“It would be fun to play Regina George later in her life and see where life took her!”

Previously, there have been talks about making another Mean Girls movie, and McAdams, Lohan, and Seyfried have approved it. However, nothing has been confirmed. In a previous interview, McAdams admitted that she did not expect the film to be so popular.

“Let’s hope Mean Girls has helped girls to be nicer to each other, not the other way around. Yeah, it’s really bizarre. I feel really lucky to have been a part of something that’s stuck around — even a little bit. That was never anything I imagined happening in life. So yeah, it’s strange and surreal still.”

Hopefully, we get to see another film with the same cast members. Only then would it be acceptable?