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Elizabeth Lail Movies And TV Shows

Elizabeth Dean Lail (rumored to be concocting her acting potions since circa 1992) has brilliantly etched her mark in enchanting tales and thrilling suspense. Born in America, Elizabeth didn’t just wake up in Hollywood; Elizabeth Lail biography adventurously journeyed through her movies and tv shows.

Remember the captivating Anna from the magical rollercoaster, ‘Once Upon a Time‘ in 2014? Yes, that was Ms. Lail sprinkling her enchantment on us. By 2016, she traded her fantasy cape for a slightly eerie hat, taking center stage as Amy Hughes in the chills-down-your-spine series ‘Dead of Summer‘.

Elizabeth Lail Movies And Tv Shows

Not one to be typecast, Elizabeth again redefined her boundaries. In 2018 and 2019, she dipped her toes into the murky waters of psychological thrillers, playing the unforgettable Guinevere Beck in the gripping series ‘You‘. And if you thought she was done, think again!

In 2021-2022, she transitioned seamlessly to the corridors of NBC, playing the relatable Jenny Banks in the heartwarming drama ‘Ordinary Joe’. One thing’s clear: whether she’s in a realm of fairytales or the gritty world of thrillers, Elizabeth Dean Lail is no ordinary Jane of the acting world!

Early Life and Career

From the humble halls of university to the glittering spotlights of New York City, Elizabeth Lail Movies and TV shows have quite the tale to tell. Between 2011 and 2014, while most students were surviving on ramen and all-nighters Elizabeth Lail movie career was moonlighting in short films, shining in projects like ‘Model Airplane‘ and ‘Without‘.

Swapping textbooks for scripts, she boldly moved to the Big Apple with dreams of the stage. But destiny had a slight detour planned: an audition for ABC’s ‘Once Upon a Time‘. The next thing she knew, she was breathing life into Anna in the series’ 2014 season. But Elizabeth Lail movies and tv shows weren’t one to rest on her laurels.

Come 2016, she donned a counselor’s whistle in Freeform’s ‘Dead of Summer’. Campfire tales? Try spine-tingling horror! 2017 saw her stepping into the shoes of Guinevere Beck for the Lifetime/Netflix sensation ‘You‘.

Opposite the likes of Penn Badgley and Shay Mitchell, her portrayal was so gripping, that she snagged a Saturn Awards nomination for Best Actress in Streaming Presentation. And guess what? Guinevere Beck made such an impact, she got encore calls for guest appearances in the subsequent seasons of ‘You’.

If you think Lail’s journey is all about the small screen, think again! 2019 had her taking center stage in the horror film ‘Countdown‘.

Top Elizabeth Lail Movies And TV Shows


In the tech-savvy world of 2019, there’s a new harbinger of fate: a mobile app. Enter ‘Countdown (2019),’ an eerily captivating supernatural horror film directed and penned by the imaginative Justin Dec. Now, this isn’t your typical, “Oh, there’s a ghost in my phone” kind of tale.

This app has a special feature: it can accurately predict when its users will meet their untimely demise. Talk about deadly notifications! Elizabeth Lail movies on-screen performances charge is the radiant Elizabeth Lail, supported by a stellar ensemble including Jordan Calloway, the dynamic Talitha Bateman, vivacious Tichina Arnold, quirky P.J. Byrne, suave Peter Facinelli, enchanting Anne Winters, and the ever-humorous Tom Segura.

Together, they navigate the suspenseful and sometimes morbid notifications from the app, all while trying to (literally) save their lives. Released with great aplomb on October 25, 2019, by STX Entertainment, ‘Countdown‘ may have had its detractors among critics, but let’s face it, the numbers don’t lie.

Grossing a whopping $48 million worldwide against a relatively modest budget of $6.5 million, Elizabeth Lail movies and tv shows earned their way to the bank, proving once again that audiences love a good scare.


That’s the mind-boggling predicament our protagonist faces in “Unintended“. The tale unfurls with a spirited young girl, Lea (played with zest by Hannah Westfield), and her buddy, Jamie (a compelling Benjamin Hutchings), frolicking in the woods, ending up at a rather intimidating cliff.

After some friendly banter and dares, Lea takes the plunge into the river below, emerging unscathed. Jamie, perhaps lacking in bravery or just plain sensible, opts out and heads home. Now, here’s where things take a curious turn. Alone with her dolls, Lea embarks on a seemingly innocent tea party.

But hold onto your hats, folks for unintended drama film! In a quirky twist that even the most seasoned moviegoers might not see coming, these dolls morph into real-life dancers, grooving away in her yard. One has to wonder: Was this a bold artistic choice or perhaps the writers just indulged in a bit too much caffeine?

Uncle Sam (Sean Cullen in a role that oscillates between mentor and mystery) shares a bond with Lea and imparts some words of caution. Elizabeth Lail keeps a safe distance from a peculiar local—a homeless gent with an uncanny resemblance to a vaudevillian juggler.

Unintended” is undoubtedly a rollercoaster of emotions, memories, and – let’s not forget – those dancing dolls! Whether it’s a thrilling dive into the depths of suppressed memories or just a curious exploration of a child’s imagination, one thing is clear: this narrative will keep you guessing.

The Mortuary Collection

The Mortuary Collection (2019)”, a gripping American horror film, springs from the creative mind of Ryan Spindell, who not only penned this macabre masterpiece but also directed it.

Our star-studded cast includes the likes of Clancy Brown, Caitlin Custer, Christine Kilmer, heartthrob Jacob Elordi, the versatile Barak Hardley, Sarah Hay, Mike C. Nelson, and the enigmatic V Nixie.

Debuting to eager (and probably slightly nervous) audiences at Fantastic Fest on September 22, 2019, this The Mortuary Collection anthology horror plunges us into the eerie island town of Raven’s End.

At the heart of this haunting tale is Montgomery Dark, a mortician with possibly the most fitting last name ever. He oversees the ghostly proceedings at Raven’s End Mortuary. Enter Sam, a curious young woman with an unsettling interest in a child-sized coffin – a recent addition to Montgomery’s funeral accomplishments.

But hold on to your hats! Seizing this uncanny opportunity, Montgomery decides to give Sam a tour of his gloomy abode. And what’s a tour without some storytelling? He regales Elizabeth Lail movies with bone-chilling tales of those who’ve met their untimely end in Raven’s End.


There’s a bookish, broody, and somewhat…murderous character we’d like to introduce. “You (2018-2019)” is not just a pronoun; it’s an edge-of-your-seat psychological thriller series inspired by Caroline Kepnes’s page-turners. The dynamic duo, Greg Berlanti, Guinevere Beck (character in You), and Sera Gamble waved their magic wands, and presto!

A series was born, and nurtured by the capable hands of Berlanti Productions, Alloy Entertainment, A+E Studios, and Warner Horizon Television – phew, that’s a Hollywood dream team! The maiden season kicked off on Lifetime in September 2018, unraveling the tale of Joe Goldberg.

Played by Penn Badgley, Joe is your not-so-average bookstore manager with a slight penchant for… serial killing. His intense romantic obsessions also feature a charming ensemble with the likes of Elizabeth Lail, Luca Padovan, Zach Cherry, and Shay Mitchell.

Lifetime, clearly impressed, announced a second helping in July 2018, scooping out another delicious plot from Kepnes’s “Hidden Bodies“. But wait, there’s more! Netflix caught the “You” fever, renewing it for a third tour-de-force season released in October 2021.

This season jazzed things up with fresh faces, including Travis Van Winkle, Shalita Grant, and more. By October 2021, even before viewers could recover from the third season’s thrills, a fourth installment was announced, split into two tantalizing parts in February and March 2023. This season welcomed the talented likes of Charlotte Ritchie and Lukas Gage, among others. You is among our list of the best Elizabeth Lail movies and tv shows.

Once Upon a Time

Perhaps she’s sipping on a latte in a cozy café in Maine? Welcome to the whimsical world of “Once Upon a Time (2014-2018)”, an imaginative rollercoaster that graced ABC for seven enchanting seasons from 2011 to 2018.

Set in the tranquil (or so it seems) town of Storybook, Maine, and a realm where fairy tales come alive, the drama oscillates between these parallel universes. Enter Emma Swan, played by the brilliant Jennifer Morrison, and her incredibly astute 10-year-old son, Henry Mills (Jared S. Gilmore).

Henry stumbles upon a secret that could very well be the juiciest gossip in town: the locals are, in fact, fairy-tale characters! The plot thickens as viewers are whisked between their fantastical backstories and their somewhat less magical present-day lives. By the seventh season, things take a turn. Farewell, Storybook, and hello, Seattle!

Specifically, the quaint neighborhood of “Hyperion Heights“. Here, we’re reintroduced to a grown-up Henry (Andrew J. West), navigating life with his wife and daughter. Jennifer Morrison sums it up beautifully, labeling the series as a beacon of hope, positivity, and connectivity, nudging people to embrace the best versions of themselves.

A spin-off titled “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland” ventured down the rabbit hole, exploring the whims of Alice of the famed 1865 novel. Premiering in 2013, this 13-episode journey played out till 2014. It is among some of the best Elizabeth Lail movies and tv shows.

The Good Fight

The Good Fight“, not just a spirited sequel but a mighty spin-off of “The Good Wife“, serves justice with a side of sass exclusively on CBS’s streaming service, CBS All Access (which, by the way, underwent a glow-up to become Paramount+). This isn’t just any show; it holds the honor of being the platform’s debut original scripted series!

Kudos to the brainy trio: Robert King, Michelle King, and Phil Alden Robinson, who orchestrated this courtroom spectacle. The plot thickens on February 19, 2017. After a little teaser on CBS, the show takes a digital dive with nine more episodes making waves on CBS All Access. But what’s it all about?

Enter the formidable Diane Lockhart, portrayed by the inimitable Christine Baranski. When a massive financial scam throws a wrench in Diane’s pristine life, destroying both her savings and her goddaughter Maia’s (a captivating Rose Leslie) reputation, there’s only one thing to do: lawyer up!

They team up with the sharp-witted Lucca Quinn (played by the dynamic Cush Jumbo) at one of Chicago’s most renowned law firms. This star-studded legal carousel doesn’t stop here. We’re treated to the talents of Elizabeth Lail, Sarah Steele, Justin Bartha, and many more.

Plus, keep an eye out for Paul Guilfoyle and the legendary Bernadette Peters in recurring cameos. At the helm, ensuring every episode is top-tier, are executive producers that include the Kings, Ridley Scott, and several other bigwigs.

Mack & Rita

How about one where you wake up not just with a headache but also several decades older? Welcome to “Mack & Rita,” the 2022 American comedy romp that gives a whole new twist to the term ‘morning after’!

Directed by the talented Katie Aselton and penned by the dynamic duo Madeline Walter and Paul Welsh, this cinematic joyride navigates the hilarious journey of a 30-something (Elizabeth Lail) who, after some bachelorette shenanigans, finds herself trapped in her 70-year-old body. And who better to portray this aged alter ego than the iconic Diane Keaton?

But wait, the star parade doesn’t stop there! The screen is further graced by the likes of Taylour Paige, Loretta Devine, Simon Rex, and even the legendary Martin Short, among others. Released into the wild on August 12, 2022, by Gravitas Premiere, the film, admittedly, didn’t strike a chord with every critic.

Even the ever-remarkable Keaton faced a few notes of discord with a “worst actress” nomination. However, in this rollercoaster of reviews, Taylour Paige and Dustin Milligan emerged as the silver lining, garnering heaps of praise for their performances.

Who is the actress who plays Beck on You?

American actress Elizabeth Dean Lail was born on March 25, 1992. On You, she plays the role of Guinevere Beck.