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Kristen Vaganos Movies and TV Shows

It’s no wonder why Kristen Vaganos is such a big deal! Kristen Vaganos movies and TV shows are the best for the new generation to enjoy.

This American actress has been slaying the on-screen game for the past 10 years, starring in some of the biggest blockbusters including “Obsessed with the Babysitter”,My Sweet Holiday“, “I Am Lisa“, “Mommy Would Never Hurt You“, and “Twelfth Grade” – to name a few.

Kristen Vaganos Movies And Tv Shows
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Not only has she wowed critics, but she’s also been nominated for a Teen Choice Award for Choice Summer TV Star.

It’s no surprise that Kristen is an icon for young actresses everywhere – her charismatic on-screen persona is undeniable!

Best Kristen Vaganos Movies And TV Shows

I Am Lisa

Lisa (Kristen Vaganos) had a rough time. She inherited a bookstore from her grandmother, only to be confronted by the local mean girl and drug dealer, Jess. Jess even stole a rare book from the store and took things a step further by sexually assaulting Lisa in the bookstore.

When Lisa went to the police for help, she was met with dismissal as the sheriff was Jess’s mom, Deb. In retaliation, Deb had Lisa viciously assaulted and taken out to the woods, leaving her for dead, expecting the wolves to take care of her.

Miraculously, Lisa survived the attack but was bitten by a wolf, turning her into a werewolf. When her friend Sam found out, they were both horrified. Little did they know, Deb was fully aware of werewolves and had previously beaten and left another girl, Lisa’s cousin Gretchen, for the wolves to maul.

With her transformation complete, Lisa took matters into her own hands and tracked down those who wronged her, starting with Millie, and even killing Jess and Nick for trashing her bookstore. It was clear that Lisa was not one to be messed with.

In this movie, Kristen Vaganos as Lisa worked so amazing and it is one of the best Kristen Vagnos movies.

Mommy Would Never Hurt You

Because Riley’s little sister is supposedly sick, she and her mother have been forced to stay inside. But when Riley realizes that her sister’s illness may not be as serious as she had thought, their mother becomes desperate to keep both daughters at home.

This 2019 drama features the performances of Kristen Vaganos, Libby Munro, Micavrie Amaia, and Zack Gold. It is one of the most watched Kristen Vaganos movies.

Obsessed With The Babysitter

After suffering a serious accident, Elaine’s life as a great dancer is flipped upside down. A psychopath psychologist has fallen in love with her, certain that she is the woman of his darkest fantasies.

He is using her injury as a tool to manipulate her, making her feel helpless and trapped. Before Elaine becomes the next victim of this sick experiment, she must figure out how to get out of there.

But she isn’t completely helpless because she has kids to care for. She needs to figure out how to get them out of there quickly and safely. It is one of the most positively reviewed Kristen Vaganos movies.


Chrissy was determined to destroy the secret fraternity’s hold on power, but she soon discovered that they had ties to powerful people who would go to any lengths to silence her.

Chrissy fell in love with Dean Martel’s son Nathan as she solved the riddle, but later found out that the fraternity had close ties to both the Dean and the officials.

They had made it very obvious that they would stop at nothing to silence Chrissy. It is one of the best Kristen Vaganos movies that has high viewership till now on OTTP.

For Love Or Murder

When Angie, the wedding planner, reunites with her estranged brother Michael during their parents’ funeral and offers to assist him in planning his wedding to Olivia, she is surprised to find herself entangled in the drama of Olivia’s bridesmaids.

One of them even claims that Olivia killed her husband! However, after the bridesmaid is discovered dead, Angie starts to worry that Olivia might be after Michael’s money.

Angie is desperate to find evidence of Olivia’s actual motives before her family becomes another victim in Olivia’s deadly game after learning that Olivia formerly dated a millionaire who passed away from a mysterious “fall.”

You’ll be on the edge of your seat throughout this suspenseful film starring Maddison Bullock, Benedict Mazurek, and Kristen Vaganos! It was one of the most mysterious Kristen Vaganos Movies of all time.

The Christmas Dance

Sarah, a city-based magazine writer, is compelled to go back to her small hometown when she is asked to write a holiday column for her new boss.

Sarah is determined to get in touch with her family, which includes her pastor father Sherman, mother Mary, churchgoers Brother Moore and Sister Grace, as well as Jason, a childhood friend, when her brother, Sherman Jr., is involved in a vehicle accident.

Will Sarah complete her task before the holidays? ‘THE CHRISTMAS DANCE‘ will reveal all!

Chocolate Covered Christmas

You should see “Chocolate Covered Christmas” if you want a warm and fuzzy Christmas film. Sadie and Alex meet when she pursues her goal of taking over the family business from her father.

The timing of the film helps the romance to grow naturally and organically, rather than being sappy and artificial like in some holiday films.

Each character is endearing and enjoyable to watch, from Sadie, the focused and structured achiever, to Alex, the kind and generous giver.

Plus, there will be Christmas music, cooking montages, fluffy snow, and a positive love story, with only a few tired clichés thrown in for good measure.

Ramona at Midlife

The story of Ramona At Midlife, a woman over 40 who is searching for purpose, raises the age-old topic of why a guy is more likely to make money telling a woman’s experience.

Recently, articles like “Kristen Roupenian’s Cat Person” and “Who’s The Bad Art Friend“? have shown some troubling and enigmatic issues surrounding the creative process.

For Ramona, this means learning that a male director, who is her age-, if not her superior, is making a movie that is largely based on her life. She is enraged, followed by moments of introspection.

Ramona understands that the best way to recover her story is to embrace who she is right now rather than struggling to be who she was in the past. It was one of the most watched Kristen Vaganos movies in recent days.

She is worn out from being a working mother who is raising a nine-year-old on her own and going to a subpar job every day. However, the time has come for her to take a good, honest look in the mirror, emerge as a woman in her prime, and redefine what prime looks like.

Is Kristen Vaganos Greek?

Philadelphia-born daughter of Greek immigrants; she became an actress. She attended New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. I Am Lisa (2020) and Obsessed with the Babysitter (2021) are three of her most well-known works.

Is Kristen Vaganos a dancer?

Kristen Vaganos’s innate athleticism and flexibility, in addition to her acting abilities, made it easy for her to learn how to dance for the babysitter position.

Is Kristen a German name?

Kristen is a Christian name that was originally given to females in Germany.