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Two Feet and Grandson Music Collaboration Coming This Month

The legendary musicians Grandson and Two Feet are collaborating this month! These two artists are surely going to break a few records with this collaboration. Both of them play around in alternative, indie, and electronic genres. Grandson and Two Feet broke the news on Instagram just today.

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Announcement of their new song collaboration ‘Until I come home’

Grandson Two Feet Collaboration Instagram Announcement

Many were excited to hear about their collaboration underneath the post. Some even called it “collab of the year”. Another popular musician ‘Upsahl’ called them “LEGENDS”. And I personally agree, having discovered both artists recently.

Their music is full of interesting vocals and strong instrumentals that elevate you into a totally different world. Just listen to ‘You?’ by Two Feet and ‘Blood // Water’ by Grandson.

Grandson Two Feet
Grandson Two Feet

Who are Two Feet and Grandson?

Zachary William “Bill” Dess is an American singer known best by his stage name, Two Feet. Meanwhile, Grandson is an American-Canadian whose real name is Jordan Edward Benjamin. Apart from being brilliant vocalists, all of them have great lyrics in each of their songs that resonate greatly with their fans. Coincidentally, they’re both the same age! Yep, both of them were born in 1993.

They both have millions of views in each of their music videos and songs on YouTube, and millions of streams on Spotify as well.

Two Feet rose to popularity with his song ‘Go F*ck Yourself’ on Soundcloud. Soon after, he got signed to Republic Records. He then released his notable ‘I feel like I’m drowning’ which took the the Number One Spot on the US Alternative Songs Chart in 2018. Shortly afterwards, Two Feet released his first album ‘Pink’ and then his second album ‘Max Maco Is Dead Right?’.

Grandson released his debut EP ‘A Modern Tragedy Vol. 1’ in 2018, with the song ‘Blood and Water’ reaching the number one spot in multiple Billboard American and Canadian charts. His music is a mix of alternative, indie, rock, and edm pop. The subjects of his songs are usually about topics that aren’t conventionally talked about in the media.

Both of them have a strong fan following, despite them being in the music industry for just a few years. Suffice to say, their song collaboration ‘Until I Come’ is going to be worth the wait.

It’s going to release on November 19th 2021. Stay Tuned!