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PewDiePie Calls Travis Scott’s Apology the Worst One

As the Astroworld tragedy that took 8 lives is shocking the whole world, many people are reacting to Travis Scott’s apology. Most of the public opinion is putting blame on the organizers of the event, as well as the headliner Travis Scott himself. People were getting hurt. But, Scott did not stop the concert or do anything that would have prevented such tragic circumstances. It was too late when he realized that something is definitely not right.

Pewdiepie, Felix Kjellberg, is a popular YouTuber that reacted to Scott’s apology and called it insincere.

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PewDiePie starts off the video explaining what had happened

He retells the tragic incident and says that there was a mob mentality going on where there is chaos everywhere. There were too many people and not enough space. A lot of people were hurt and some of them even lost their lives.

It’s normal that things get out of control in the concert but is it normal that no one did anything about it, it blows my mind which. Unfortunately, i mean it’s a tragedy. eight people lost their lives 300 people were led to the hospital.

The youngest person to lose their life was in early teens, says PewDiePie. Undoubtedly, it’s heartbreaking news and there is no excuse for it.

PewDiePie shares that there was an online discourse on who to put the blame for the tragedy of events. And as per him, the blame is on both the organizers and Travis Scott himself.

The real question here is you know who is responsible? Is it the event organizers or is it Travis Scott? And I’ve seen a lot of people argue about this question online. The answer is pretty simple. They’re both guilty. There’s no doubt about it.

PewDiePie says that there is footage to back that up. Because when you’re performing on a stage, you can see people getting trampled over and hurt. And you can also witness the ambulances. Scott says in his apology video that he could not see but in multiple clips circulating online, you can see that Scott can easily see something is going wrong but he still chooses to not stop the concert.

The organizers did nothing as well, so they are equally to blame.

Basically, no action was taken out of that, as far as i understood. There were people yelling ‘Stop the show!’ many times during the show. Some of the staff should have heard that.

PewDiePie also uses examples of other musical artists stopping their show during concerts. They wasted no time in stopping their show, even when one person was injured. Some notable examples that have come to light are Adele and Kehlani.

Then PewDiePie reacts to Travis Scott’s Apology

So, Travis Scott issued an apology and it’s probably the worst apology I’ve seen in a very very long time.

Immediately PewDiePie calls Scott’s apology ‘fake’ when he points out the weird body language that Scott is doing. In the apology video, he was rubbing his forehead and face in a weird manner multiple times. The YouTuber pointed it out, saying:

He’s doing this weird thing that kids do when they apologize but they don’t really know how to fake cry so they just start like rubbing their face.

Travis Scott said in his apology video that he would have stopped the show sooner if he had known what was happening. To this, PewDiePie says that he doesn’t believe that Scott didn’t realize what was happening. It would be really hard to not notice the ambulances and the dangerous chaos that was taking place in a crowd containing 50,000 people.

PewDiePie adds saying:

It doesn’t matter how it happened people understand that concert can get out of control. The problem is that no action was taken when it was happening. That’s the whole issue it doesn’t matter at this point dude.

Overall, Kjellberg didn’t like the apology at all. The YouTuber realizes that Travis Scott may not have understood the entirety of the events taking place in the crowd when he was on stage. But PewDiePie says that Scott may have some idea. Plus, there was a video clip where Scott can see an unconscious fan in the crowd, but he still continues singing.

PewDiePie thinks that the event organizers kept the event going because they didn’t want to refund the tickets

Honestly a better apology would have been to just say, ‘You know what i was drugged out of my mind. That’s what i do on concerts. I honestly couldn’t tell anything. I trusted my event organizers. And I don’t know anything.’

PewDiePie is shocked at Travis’ apology. And the events that took place. Hopefully, show organizers can set better policies to prevent similar tragedies in the future.

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