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After Gotye became Somebody We All Used to know, he vanished! or did he? Here is what the Musician is doing now!

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During the 2010s, we had some wonderful songs to make sense of the much simpler timer we were living in. And before Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘Sour’ Album, we had to rely on other songs to figure out our painful breakups. One of those songs was the iconic ‘Somebody that I used to know’ by Gotye. The song raking up to almost up to 1.7 billion views on YouTube, became so popular with the whole world.

He even ended up winning a Grammy award ‘Record of the Year’ for the song that also featured Kimbra. And if you’ve forgotten or live under a rock and haven’t heard the song yet. Check out the masterpiece here:

This was released in July 6th 2011. Feel old yet?

Well, I certainly do. I was 11 and I didn’t know what taxes were. Now, I’m 21 and I despise capitalism but still have to play by its rules. It’s been a tough ten years! I was listening to Selena Gomez, Gotye, and Carly Jepsen. Now, it’s more Halsey, Imagine Dragons and Taylor Swift.

Funny how we can categorize the years of our lives with music. Anyway, people were in awe of Gotye!

Hence many people are definitely curious as to what happened with the musical genius, Gotye? Why did he become somebody we used to know?

Well, he didn’t exactly vanish. The man behind Gotye, Wouter “Walley” De Backer, is still here. And get this, he’s still making music! Just not with his stage name Gotye anymore. In 2014, he released a newsletter stating that he would no longer make music under his Gotye name.

“Wait, maybe there will be. I’m not entirely sure right now. There are many contingencies.”

De Backer also started a record label called ‘Spirit Label’:

“I’ve started a new record label with Tim Shiel, a human being I like very much. It will be distributed in Australia by Inertia, a group of other human beings I like very much. We’re calling the label Spirit Level because one day, when the money’s all gone and everyone’s deaf, we might want to shift into architecture and construction. It would also give us the means to bury the evidence.”

Yep, he’s also a bit worried that there will be more cases of “early-onset deafness” due to the world getting noisier and no one would be able to hear his music anymore.

A bit of an odd ball, this one!

He’s been just living his best life and focusing on making music that he truly loves and is passionate about.

In 2016, Gotye formed the Ondioline Orchestra which was named after an instrument that legendary musician Jean-Jacques created. The instrument was pretty revolutionary as it transformed the alternative and pop genres in music.

Apart from that, Wouter De Backer says that he is more interested in the music production aspect of the industry too.

Moreover, he also released a few songs with his band called ‘the basics’. And guess what, he did his iconic ‘Somebody I used to know’ song with them!

‘Hearts a Mess’ cover was released last year in July. Their music videos mostly consist of them sitting in a small stage with a crowd surrounding them.

The songs are mostly acoustic with soft vocals provided by Gotye.

So, even though we can’t hear Gotye solo, we can still hear him with ‘The Basics’. And ‘The Basics’ haven’t released a new music video in a year, but we can expect some great music from the still passionate Wally.

Also, Wally isn’t the most active on social media. His “Gotye” Instagram account’s latest post was made in 2020, and his Twitter’s account last tweet was in 2019.

Perhaps, he is more like Lorde in this case, avoiding social media generally.

Hopefully, we’ll see Wally soon! It’s nice to see him pursuing his love for music in such a genuine way like this.

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