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Trisha Paytas | Withdrawing From Opioid Addiction

Trisha Paytas has been feeling low from the last few days which initially worried her fans. She was off from her Twitter and Instagram accounts for two days. But she is kind of active on her YouTube now and she recently shared her experience of coming off from her opioid addiction. The opioid addiction experience is shared a few days after her mental hospital experience, which was shared a few days after her official break up the news with Jason Nash.

Trisha Paytas | The Honesty Pill

Paytas discusses her addiction in detail in the latest video. Though she didn’t have just one addiction, there were multiple. First, she was addicted to opiates; these were basically pain pills. This addiction is called opioid addiction. The addicts have to face withdrawal symptoms when they are working to remove their addiction. Trisha Paytas says that she was able to come off of the pain pills relatively easy however, she has never been completely off from the pills for a long time until now. When she tried withdrawing from the pain pills before, she would start depending on another person or alcohol. So, she has never gone cold turkey.  But we can see that her first experience of going cold turkey is faring well; it’s been 18 days so far.

It’s been struggle at night mostly. I throw up a lot. And then it really started hitting me this past week.

She confessed she used to take a lot of pills to get numb. Paytas is happiest when she is sober, as she claims. However, it is hard for her.

I get chills. I get aches. And I am constantly constantly throwing up. It’s even hard for me to keep water down.

She says she is getting better now.

Paytas Blames The Hospital For Her Addiction

Trisha Paytas says she was off from her pills and depending on alcohol for a year. However, the incident at the hospital and her panic attack forced the hospital to inject some medicines into her system and calm her down. Unfortunately, Paytas says it triggered her pills addiction. The hospital crew did what they had to do in such situations and Paytas says she cannot really blame them, but still blames them.

Saying all this stuff is really hard to admit out loud. Most people, even close to me, didn’t know about this. Recently anyways. So, it’s really embarrassing.

People she knew back in the days are contacting her and hoping she is doing better now.

I feel absolutely awful, shaky and puking all the time, I know I’m getting better, like mentally.

Trisha Paytas says this Friday night has been really awful for her and she felt like her body is shutting down. She is recovering now but she is not in a mood to meet anyone because, in addition to her withdrawal symptoms, she also has flu.

I have nausea, i have a stuffy nose, I have aches, chills, sore throat so maybe it’s a combination of a lot of things.

The Friday night she felt like she is going to die alone and nobody would care. She also had sleeping issues for a month and her therapist wanted to prescribe her some sleeping aid. But she does not want to be dependent on pills.

Depression, no medications, no alcohol, and not really a whole lot of people.

The Lone Wolf Has Hope

Paytas has hope that she is going to do better in the coming days. She will recover, she will be in a relationship, she will have a comeback and she will show everyone that she can do better. Trisha Paytas has been hitting rock bottoms from the last few months. She is tired of the physical pain but it will get better, she says. She will post some pre-recorded videos this week and she will continue posting videos on her YouTube channel.

But She Can Be Hopeless Too

A few hours after sharing the opioid addiction video on her YouTube channel, Trisha Paytas was back to sharing her post-breakup mental state through her tweets. She is calling it a non-mutual break up which is extremely painful for her. She is still thinking about Jason Nash and wondering why she cannot get over him.

We hope she has her pill-less recovery and moves on from Jason Nash.

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