Trisha Paytas Resolves Drama with Jason Nash and David Dobrik

YouTuber Trisha Paytas was recently involved in some drama with her boyfriend Jason Nash and their mutual friend David Dobrik. The female YouTuber felt hurt by a joke they did in David’s vlogs. To vent out her frustrations, she released an almost 19 minute video explaining why she thought David was a horrible person. It also included how she felt about her boyfriend making hurtful jokes like that and not stopping them. She later deleted the video. In a recent turn of events, Paytas released another video offering an explanation for everything. And it seems like the trio have resolved their problems for the time being.

Trisha Paytas Takes Back What She Said About David Dobrik

Trisha was more composed and calm in this video. She outlined how she talked out everything with Jason Nash and even David Dobrik. Though, David isn’t someone to address drama in his videos he was still very apologetic over the joke he included in his vlogs that hurt Trisha. In fact, Jason Nash and David Dobrik were really sorry about the event. Dobrik even took off two of his videos where they made the hurtful joke of Trisha having a threesome with her boyfriend and TM.

Moreover, Paytas stated that she was just talking out of emotion. She actually does not think that David is a horrible person. Rather she thinks he’s really talented and a good person despite not always thinking things through at times:

I don’t think David is horrible. I think he just doesn’t think sometimes. I do think he’s really smart but he does not think at times.

So, it seems like the two reconciled over the misunderstanding.

What about Jason Nash and Trisha Paytas’ Relationship?

Jason Nash released a video on his channel addressing the video. Despite it being deleted now, many have re-uploaded it. In those videos, Nash and Paytas seem to be clearing out their misunderstandings on camera. And they are still together.

Paytas just felt like her feelings were being disregarded. After her repeatedly expressing how she does not appreciate offensive jokes like the one made in David’s vlog, Dobrik did not stop making them and even included the clip in the video after she was clearly uncomfortable about it. Moreover, she was more hurt at David Dobrik than her boyfriend. She was just a bit upset that her boyfriend did not stand up for her.

Jason Nash’s Response

Though, in the video Jason Nash did admit his own mistake. The YouTuber stated that he should have not let David keep joking and stopped him. It was his need of having good content for the YouTube channel taking over his moral conscience.

But Jason Nash did want Trisha to at least talk it out with them first before making a public video about it all. He thought the video was an ‘overreaction’. He wanted her to know that the offensive joke was actually just a stupid joke that means nothing.

Additionally, he did not understand nor approve of Trisha Paytas bringing his ex-wife into the video aimed at just Dobrik and Nash.

Trisha Paytas Apologetic Over Mentioning Ex-Wife

Trisha Paytas apologized on both videos, explaining that she realizes how wrong she was to mention Jason Nash’s ex-wife and his kids. They had no stakes in this and it was not their choice to have it all out on the public eye.

Paytas Addressing People Calling her a Hypocrite

Trisha Paytas obviously read the multiple comments calling her a hypocrite multiple times. Fans were recalling instances when Trisha Paytas joked about sleeping with random guys, even David Dobrik.

Though, Paytas response to all of those allegations were that she stopped doing them after she realized how Nash was not comfortable with them.

Paytas and Dobrik Still Friends?

Trisha mentioned that she does not think she will be making an appearance on David’s vlogs anymore and she is fine with that. But the two are not enemies and most probably will stay friends, maybe they won’t be as close as before.

What’s Paytas Working On These Days

Trisha Paytas, is an American media personality and YouTuber, with a channel called blndsundoll4mj. It’s a lifestyle oriented YouTube channel that now is mostly famous for mukbangs, relationship and life advice. With about 4.8 million subscribers, she has has approximately 1.3 billion lifetime views!

Right now she stills makes YouTube videos, and probably will release a music video she made with her boyfriend on Valentine’s Day.

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