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Trisha Paytas Partying in Maui Without Jason Nash

Are rumors of Trisha Paytas and Jason Nash breakup actually true because Trisha is on a vacation in Maui and Nash is nowhere to be seen.

T he popular member of the vlog squad Trisha Paytas has had some evident troubles with the group. And although it was David Dobrik that she had major troubles with, looks like her relationship with Jason Nash has suffered intensely. Ever since Paytas accused Dobrik of being horrible, things have gone downhill. In a deleted video, she claimed that Dobrik and Nash had hurt her with an offensive joke. But later, she apologized in an attempt to clear things up. And now Trisha may be trying to get back into his vlogs. But even then, speculation claims that Trisha and Jason might have broken up.

Before the whole drama between the YouTubers, the two were frequently seen in each others Instagram videos and posts. In fact, a romantic song was filmed between Paytas and Nash. But ever since the whole David Dobrik drama, Trisha and Jason have not posted with each other in long. And now we can see Trisha’s Instagram bombarded with her pictures partying in Maui but did anybody spot Jason Nash anywhere?

Jason Nash Nowhere to Be Seen in Vacation Pictures of Trisha Paytas

For quite a few days now, the popular YouTuber Trisha Paytas is seen vacationing on a beautiful island in Hawaii. Her Instagram is full of dinner outfits, beach bikinis and other videos showing all the fun she is enjoying.

In fact, she is even using her vacation beach pictures to promote her bikinis and her promo code.

The YouTuber has been enjoying and relaxing so much that she has admitted that she will really miss all this island life. And by the looks of her vacation, who wouldn’t.

But in the loads of pictures that Trisha Paytas uploaded, Jason Nash is literally nowhere to be seen. Does that confirm all the breakup speculation? Is this Trisha’s self-care time working on moving on from her split? Well, can’t say for sure but there’s definitely something up with the couple. They have not appeared in any public posts together for a long time!

Trisha Paytas has a lifestyle oriented YouTube channel blndsundoll4mj  famous for mukbangs, life and relationship advice. With about 4.8 million subscribers, she has has approximately 1.3 billion lifetime views!

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