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Trisha Paytas exposes David Dobrik’s racism, homophobia & underage grooming

In the current era of accountability, influencers are coming forward and apologizing for their past mistakes, racism, homophobic, transphobic comments, and jokes. Recently, many fans were shocked when Jenna Marbles announced she is quitting YouTube. The reason? She apologized for doing “blackface” in the past and now she is holding herself accountable for it. Even Shane Dawson apologized not only to James Charles for his actions but also for doing “blackface”, making pedophilia jokes, and using racial slurs. One of his closest friends, Trisha Paytas, uploaded a video after Shane’s, in which she calls out people for not holding David Dobrik, her ex-boyfriend Jason Nash, and other Vlog Squad members accountable for the similar “crimes”.

Trisha Paytas apologizes for her past deeds

Starting the video, Trisha Paytas confesses she does not like the internet world everyone is living in. However, she does accept that she likes the part where everyone (almost) is being held accountable for their past stupid f***ing mistakes. She is inspired by Jenna Marbles and Shane Dawson owning up and apologizing for their past mistakes. Moving on, Trisha Paytas confirms she has previously apologized for her mistakes multiple times and she did it again before calling out the Vlog Squad in her recent video. She has used “N” word a couple of times in the past.

Calling out David Dobrik, Jason Nash & The Vlog Squad

Many people might hate Trisha Paytas. However, this year, majority agrees that she is the only one making sense somehow. In her latest video titled David Dobrik racist + condoning underage grooming, she brought out the big guns: receipts.

Why can everyone take accountability? except for David Dobrik, Jason Nash and that whole vlog squad. For being racist, homophobic, and supporting their friend dating minors.

Trisha also highlights the fact that everyone thought she was the crazy one last year. David Dobrik’s friend Brandon Calvillo was dating a 17-year old girl. David even asked her in one of his vlogs how s*x with Brandon was like. In fact, Trisha Paytas also uploaded another video, shot an year ago, titled: I never posted this vid re: David Dobrik never having to take accountability.

Here is a summary of that video:

Coming back to the latest video, Trisha Paytas claims that Jason Nash, David Dobrik and everyone else is comfortable with their environment. And it is not okay to bring underage girls in the mix. Trisha was never comfortable with the “underage grooming” situation. And she confirms that the squad members are still hanging out with underage girls.

Showing the receipts

Considering the recent Black Lives Matter movement, many people have realized they had supported cultural discrimination and racial jokes back in the past. One of them is Seth Francois, an old friend of David Dobrik.

Under her video, Trisha Paytas had added all the links to the videos with receipts that prove David Dobrik and his squad members have been joking about races from many years but they were never held accountable. In Seth’s video titled “Accountability” to all Content Creators, he asks everyone not to call the people included in the video “racist”. But, for fans, him sharing the video does mean the persons included in the video must come forward and acknowledge their mistakes as well as apologize to the persons affected by it.

Unfortunately, there is no apology from the squad till date. Seth’s video was uploaded on June 2, 2020. In his old vlogs, David Dobrik mocked Seth for his warrant and taunted him that he would turn him in. There are other instances as well where you can see the vlog squad members doing blackface or laughing at inappropriate jokes.

Trisha Paytas calling out everything vlog squad does for clout

Trisha Paytas did not just highlight all the negative things done by the Vlog Squad members. She also claimed that they all know what they are doing. And instead of apologizing, they try to overrun their bad deeds by doing a good deed.

She shared Elijah Daniel’s video link in the details section which has receipts for David Dobrik’s homophobic tweets.

Only Scott has apologized for his jokes that he posted. Trisha Paytas also highlights how Jason Nash is still making matters worse. He never tried doing it before. However, now that everyone is talking about BLM, he shot a vlog with two people of color. While still at it, he made a joke about Jeff being shot by a rubber bullet during riots.

Calling out fans for double standards

Trisha Paytas also compared the Vlog Squad getting a pass. However, everyone is coming for Chris D’Elia. She mocks David Dobrik by saying:

I’m going to donate some money. So don’t look over here. I’m going to donate $50,000, I’m going to give someone a car. or, I’m going to give some iPads. So, it’s fine. It’s fine for not social distancing. Because I’m giving away money.

Trisha Paytas also highlights how Jason Nash should’ve used his BLM video and apologized for all of his past jokes and mistakes. She also points out how the Vlog Squad is all about being white, straight, and giving out a lot of money. Not being held accountable for what they did in the past, they are going to colleges and speaking to students. She says and many fans agree that David Dobrik and his squad should apologize and set right examples. Because, all of them have young audience.

Do you think David Dobrik, Jason Nash and all others will apologize now that Trisha Paytas has called them out with receipts? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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