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The Reality House Season 2 Is Bigger & Better

The Reality House Season 2 Is Bigger & Better

Four episodes of The Reality House season 2 are already out and I’m late to the party. But it is still not that late if you are thinking to start it too. Kian and JC, the besties Kian Lawley and JC Caylen, have done it again. In the previous season, people got to see their favorite YouTubers fighting for the ultimate prize. This time, Kian and JC arranged a bigger house. But it came with many twists.

There are also some obvious improvements from Season 1. For example, 6 security cameras that were recording 24/7, in addition to the cameramen. Mics have been introduced so that you can clearly listen to the contestants.

The Reality House Season 2 | Eliminations So Far

Kian Lawley and JC Caylen started off The Reality House Season 2, outside the house with the 12 contestants. All the contestants were not allowed inside the house until the first elimination was done the very first day. The contestants include Tab Lawley, Harrison Webb, Manny MUA (Manuel Gutierrez), Andrea Russett, Brittany Broski, Imari (TM’s BFF), Teala Dunn, Lena the plug (Lena Nersesian), Kenny Knox, FouseyTube (Yousef Erekat), Ryan’s average life (Ryan Abe), Taylor Blake.

Out of these, FouseyTube and Brittany Broski were out in the first elimination round. Ryan, Manny, and Harrison formed an alliance and labeled it #RHM. The best moment so far was the “conversation” between Ryan and Kian’s sister Tab, while Kian just stood there watching both of them throwing digs at each other.

In the 2nd elimination round, Kenny, Tab, Imari, and Taylor struggled to stay in the game. And, they didn’t know they’ll be going up against 4 contestants from The Reality House Season 1: Trisha Paytas, Elijah Daniel, Sarah Baska, Dommy D. Turned out, it was not really a direct elimination round. It was their fight to get a spot in the house.

The Reality House Season 1 Vs. The Reality House Season 2

Elijah Daniel stirs drama with Imari, but they are friends with the Cancelled podcast host so all of that was not that serious. However, Andrea really wanted out of the game because she did not want Dom to be there.

Trisha Paytas, being Trisha, teased JC by asking where his dad was. She made out with JC’s dad in The Reality House Season 1. Kian n JC informed her that the family member in the game this time, is Kian’s sister Tab. On that, Trisha says nobody really likes Tab because she keeps swearing.

After the whole fiasco, Kenny, Elijah, Trisha, and Sarah left the house. While, Taylor, Tab, Imari and Dom made it to the next round.

Well, that’s all for now. The next episode comes out soon. Stay Tuned to find out who gets eliminated. Meanwhile, we’ll try to figure out why Andrea wants Dom out of the house.

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