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The Expanse Launches Official Merchandise On Amazon

The Expanse Launches Official Merchandise On Amazon

TV’s favorite Sci-Fi drama, The Expanse is finding a lot of love on its new home, Amazon Prime. First, Amazon president had himself engineered a distributor shift for The Expanse when Syfy had refused to pick up the show for a Season 4. Later, the cast was allowed to visit Amazon’s Blue Origin spaceship. Next, Amazon promised The Expanse fans a darker and sexier Season 4 for the show. And if all that wasn’t enough, The Expanse now has its own official merchandise, which is available for purchase via Amazon.

The Expanse | Official Merchandise On Amazon

Screaming Firehawks have a reason to celebrate. At least, if they are in the UK, USA, and Germany. It took months of rigorous fan campaigns to convince Amazon to launch a glitzy merchandise collection for The Expanse. Over the years, Amazon has proved itself as an active listener. In fact, Amazon is very cautious with its The Expanse fanbase as it gives The Expanse’s viewers undivided attention. Hence, when fans pleaded for some good quality t-shirts they can put on while they binge-watch their space opera, Amazon really gave in to their demands.

At the moment, the merchandise is limited to t-shirts, hoodies, and phone accessories. These can bear flashy logos, while the snazzier ones even have pictures of the Rocinante. What is even more amazing that the cast of The Expanse has already stocked on this stunning t-shirt collection, and they are not sparing any chance to show it off.

Check out Dominique Tipper slaying in one of the several sassy t-shirts.

The Expanse merch is currently only available in a few countries. But the team is working on ‘expanding’ the reach of their newly launched collection.

The Expanse Season 4 Release Date, Trailers, Cast, Plot

Amazon has renewed The Expanse for its Season 4 last May. However, it has not set a release date for The Expanse Season 4 yet. Filming ended in February, still, there is no trailer The Expanse Season 4 on the block. The fourth season of the show will completely take place on a new planet Ilus.

The Expanse’s fourth season will feature all surviving members from its previous seasons with the addition of a few others in its cast. Furthermore, the show will follow the fourth book from James S.A. Corey’s volume, which serves as the source material for the show.